Sunday, July 10, 2005

Back to Reality - Sunday Morning Cynicism

In the days immediately following the grisly bombings in London, I was hard pressed to find any reports of homicide bombings in Iraq. There can only be three reasons for this.

One, I missed them. They were overshadowed by the London attack and so were not deemed "headline worthy".

Two, They have become so run-of-the-mill that because of the London bombings the stories weren't important enough to run at all.

Three, the terrorists in Iraq took a few days off because without press reports of these murders, they don't have as much effect. After all, the point is not only to murder as many as possible, but to have a compliant press reprort and fret over these daily attacks. I assume terrorists follow the news too, otherwise, what's the point of al-Jazeera?

Today is the first day I've seen the suicide murderers given their headlines back since 7/7. Now the MSM can get back to their regularly scheduled we-are-doomed-in-Iraq defeatist reporting.

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