Friday, July 08, 2005

The NEA Rejects Academic Freedom

Here is another reason to reject the NEA.
The college affiliate of the National Education Association yesterday unanimously rejected a proposal to expand its policy on academic and professional freedom to protect "intellectual pluralism and the free exchange of ideas" in the nation's classrooms.

Randy Jackson, a delegate to the NEA convention now under way, appeared before the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) summer meeting to defend his proposal, which was attacked roundly as part of a conservative agenda.
Here is the resolution:
The resolution states: "In order to guarantee that democratic principles are conveyed to the next generation, academic freedom in the classroom should be included in teachers' instructional guidelines. It is important that teachers welcome intellectual pluralism and the free exchange of ideas by providing an unprejudiced learning environment."

The resolution also states: "The association does not condone the indoctrination of students through intimidation, unfair grading practices, withholding of information, or by any other means."
Yep, we certainly don't want students to be able to think for themselves if that's going to advance that nasty old "Right Wing agenda", especially when it involves democratic principles, and academic freedom.

Oh the horror! Save us from those conservatives!

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