Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Air America's Best?

As I was driving today, I was switching between talk radio stations. I happened upon Jerry Springer, who was in the middle of getting a lecture from a listener about the truth behind the murderous imperialistic cult of Islam. Jerry couldn't refute the caller who was insisting that the goal of Islam is a world-wide 8th century caliphate, the institution of Islamic law, and the conversion, forced or otherwise of all of us infidels. Instead, Jerry pleaded ignorance and asked if there was a Muslim listener who could enlighten him. I switched stations and listened to some commercials rather than put up with any more of his idiocy and dishonesty. I hesitated before calling Jerry Springer a liar, but a person in his position has to know more about Islam than he admitted to knowing. He might deny it's true, but he didn't know? Come on Jerry! No wonder Air America's ratings are in the radio toilet. They have no credibility.

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