Thursday, July 14, 2005

Murdering Children in Iraq

As you've probably read by now, one of Michael Moore's heroic Minute Men showed what he and his "insurgent" group is made of again by murdering a group of children. It was no accident, he drove his bomb-laden car into their midst and blew them up. I am truly impressed with the people of Iraq who day after day, try to rebuild their lives and their country while being attacked by these terrorists whose body count serves to impress the MSM (and certain congressional representatives) in their cries of "quagmire" and "defeat". The thing that really bothered me, however, was this:
"The one who did this has no morality. This suicide bomber isn't an Arab or a Muslim or even a Jew. He's not human," Suheil Abd Ali said as he picked up pieces of the car bomb.
I don't mean to go all "Woody Allen" but I wonder, how many generations is it going to take (if ever) for Muslims to truly accept Jews and be willing to live in peace with Jews and with Israel?

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