Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Radical Islamic Recipe for Stopping Terrorists

Imam Elahi was given his usual forum yesterday by the Detroit News in order to offer commentary and take potshots at Jews. After a long condemnation of terrorist bombings, (but no fatwa against terrorists, no offers of help to root out possible terrorists here in suburban Detroit, home of the largest concentration of Muslims in the United States) he offers this gem:
To win the war against terror, force alone is not enough. Honesty and openness come first. The double standard on democracy and human rights doesn't help.

As long as Jews can immigrate to Israel by the tens of thousands each year while Palestinians stay hungry and homeless, I am afraid this will contribute to the violence in the Middle East and elsewhere.
To Imam Elahi, every ill can be blamed on the Jews. As the Detroit News, the conservative Detroit paper prints his swill regularly, one has to wonder if they would print a Jewish columnist who made up lies about Muslims. At least there were no fake talmudic quotes gleaned from Nazi websites.

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