Thursday, July 21, 2005

Martin Kramer Digs up Dirt for and Gets Under the Skin of Juan Cole

Newsweek's favorite Middle East "expert", Juan Cole is apparently upset at his ineptitude in his chosen field being exposed so readily and so easily by Martin Kramer, who really is an expert on the Middle East. Juan Cole had the temerity to request that members of The Daily Kos try to dig up dirt on Martin Kramer. He also changed some of his more egregious gaffes on the sly without admitting to them as Kramer points out here, here, and wow, especially here. And then there is this post and this post, which expose Juan Cole's lack of both expertise and insight. If you want even more, just follow the link at the bottom of that post.

Professor Kramer's clever, honest, and fearless response to Juan Cole's foolish and cowardly attempt at character assassination should serve as a badly needed lesson to Juan Cole and his ignorant, misguided admirers. Not that they would take that lesson. Are Juan Cole's fans al-Cole-holics? Like an alchoholic, they don't see themselves as needing any help with their twisted world-view.

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