Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dumb Jews?

Julie Gorin asks some important questions and makes some important points on Jewish voting patterns and irrational Jewish fears, not to mention a refusal of too many Jews to face the current reality.
Did you hear the one about the Jews who paid a thousand dollars a plate to hear Bill Clinton speak — after he sold Israel down the river (by rewarding genocide bombings with more land)?

Or the one about the Jews who are still loyal to a political party whose members pass out 9/11-Israel conspiracy literature at public forums?

What about the Jews who heard that most Muslims would be voting for John Kerry and so they voted for John Kerry?

Now, did you hear the one about the Jew who dropped his watch in the subway tracks but decided to look for it on the platform because it was easier? His name is Abe Foxman, and he's officially given up on the ADL's mission. For those who didn't read between the lines of Foxman's recent attack on Evangelical Christians, it was a surrender of even the semblance of being relevant in the age of jihad, and a way back to fixating on bogeymen in America.

According to a recent Jewish Week article, Foxman said, "It is time to start naming names and judging the motives of leading conservative Christian groups, and not simply respond to their specific policy initiatives."

In a classic schoolyard scenario, instead of facing up to the bully, Foxman and Eric Yoffie — the Union for Reform (i.e. Liberal) Judaism president who the following week compared Christians to Hitler — are taking their frustrations out on their friends. The Evangelicals — those people whose value system has a lot in common with the Judaic one that these nominal Jews lost touch with generations ago.

The Evangelicals' value system has a lot in common with the Judaic one that these nominal Jews lost touch with generations ago

Apparently, Jews don't have enough enemies in this world, and the one friend they have is one too many. Or perhaps these two and the Jews who think like they do figure that the world doesn't stand a chance against Islam, so why not help battle the only remaining religion standing in its way of world domination?

Julie Goring hits the Jewish nail on the kipah on this one. Not only do most of my family and friends agree with Foxman and Joffe about evangelicals, my rabbi was applauded when he gave a sermon along the same lines. I know reform (and atheist) Jews who demean the local Lubovich and Hasidic Jews because they dress in 19th century Polish shtetl style. Yet these same Jews have their minds in 19th century Europe as they expect Christian inspired pogroms. Meanwhile they ignore the current, real, and undisguised threat of Islamic terrorism preached by imams and practiced by their twisted followers, whose fondest wish is 14 million dead Jews.

I have an evangelical Christian neighbor who is a strong supporter of Israel. Instead of welcoming him and his family to battle our common Islamic enemy, these Christian-fearing Jews stereotype him as hypocritical and narrow minded simply because of his strong belief in Christianity. It's delusional to think this way, but I've been noticing too many Jews operating on the basis of self-delusion. Not only these idiots and these fools but many average Joe - uh Jews operate on the same mental plane. Could it be a symtom of Bush Derangement Syndrome? It's a shame but many Reform (and especially atheist) Jews suffer from it. Maybe we've become too comfortable here in the United States and we don't want to face up to any nasty people or events that might damage that comfort.

Whatever the reason this delusional thinking must be fought against as strongly as we have to battle the viciously anti-semitic Islamic murderers who really are out to get us.

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At 12:45 AM, Blogger someguy said...

Thanks so much for this post, Harry. My own love for Israel and the Jewish people is not contingent on it being returned, because it is one with my admittedly imperfect love for G-d. But when I hear about Jews who respond in kind, it reminds me that I'm on the right track. Thanks again. :)

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Harry said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm still left wondering, however, how Jews who consider themselves to be intelligent and open-minded can be so foolish, self-destructive, and narrow-minded.

You are definitely on the right track. I only wish there were more of us.


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