Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Maybe the Sky Isn't Falling?

According to this article from the Detroit Free Press:
Biologists have found evidence this spring that whitefish are spawning in the Detroit River for perhaps the first time in 90 years -- excellent news for the health of the international border waters.

Until the early 1900s, millions of spawning whitefish from Lake Erie swarmed every fall to the enormous, shallow rapids of the Detroit River. By 1916, the whitefish had all but disappeared, victims of industrial pollution and channel dredging that dynamited the rapids to clear the river for big ships.

"This is amazing. It's the cumulative effect of 35 years of pollution control, and we are beginning to see at least the beginning of the recovery of a sentinel species," said John Hartig, manager of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, where the spawning whitefish were discovered. Sentinel species are ones sensitive to pollution and habitat destruction.

[ . . . ]

The river already has excellent fishing for walleye, smallmouth bass and muskellunge and, to a lesser extent, perch, northern pike and white bass.
Sure, this is a small environmental victory, but there have been others. We've been reading about cougar attacks in areas where cougars were once almost extinct. Populations of other formerly endangered species are making a comeback.

So do we still have to pander to Al Gore and his catastrophic environmental hysteria?

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