Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another Reason Robert Gates is No John Bolton

John Bolton stood up for the interests of the United States and the free world. He suffered under no illusions. He knew the U.N. has become almost a private club for totalitarian thugs, despotic murderers, and Islamo-Nazi-Supremecists. It's the largest anti-semitic organization on Earth. Bolton never stood a chance of being confirmed by the appeasers in Congress because he was honest in his beliefs, and because he had beliefs. John Bolton is a man of principle. He scared the weenies on the Left who have no principles.

The Democrats love Robert Gates. Here's one reason.
Israel held firm Thursday to its policy of not admitting it possesses nuclear weapons, in the face of an acknowledgment from the incoming U.S. Defense Secretary that Israel has the bomb.

In his confirmation hearing before the Senate, Robert Gates explained
Iran's motivation to acquire nuclear weapons.

"They are surrounded by powers with nuclear weapons — Pakistan to their east, the Russians to the north, the Israelis to the west and us in the Persian Gulf," he told the Senate committee.
So here is Robert Gates, no principles, no idea of what Iran stands for, no chance of standing up for his country. Gate's first order of business even before he gets confirmed is to side with our enemies. Iran is excused in their genocidal quest. They need nukes since so many of their neighbors have them. Oh, and they have to protect themselves from the United States. So how do any of our senators think this twit will be an advocate for the United States? Oh, I know, they don't care. They are short on principles too. It's more important that the previously mentioned thugs and murderers in the U.N. like us (or at least pretend to like us, as they never actually will like us, but they will respect us if we demonstrate that we have the will to fight back - strongly) - as they continue to shaft us. And it's even more important to stick it to George Bush, no matter how badly it hurts the United States.

As has already been pointed out, some Republican voters stayed home in order to teach the Republicans in Congress "a lesson". This is only the first lesson. We are all going to be taught some lessons, and I think they are going to hurt.



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