Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ethiopian Crusader State Wages Aggressive Genocidal War Against Peaceful Muslim Nation

Well, that's how the headline would read if Ethiopia was the Jewish State, and if their every defensive move was scrutinized by a basicly hostile press, and if they were surrounded by vicious Islamic terror states who were given sympathy by the same press who vilifies the Jewish State.

Since that is not the case, Ethiopia does not have to fight a war with one or more hands tied behind its back in order to not offend world opinion. Pajamas Media has a good analysis of the current situation.
There may be lessons for the United States in Ethiopia’s success. Abdiweli Ali, an assistant professor at Niagara University who is in contact with transitional government military commanders on the ground, says that Ethiopia has less concern than the U.S. about civilian casualties. There is no reliable estimate of civilian deaths, but the number is believed to be in the hundreds. “We’re fighting wars with one hand tied behind our backs,” Professor Ali says. “In Iraq we’re trying to be nice, thinking we’ll give candy to people on the streets and they’ll love us. But people will understand later on if you just win now and provide them with security.”

A second lesson relates to the media. The Ethiopian government is generally less sensitive to media criticism than the U.S. government—and is likely to encounter far less criticism in the first place, since the press traditionally gives short shrift to coverage of Africa.
The press and other progressives want humane, moral wars where neither Israel or the United States are allowed to kill their enemies. They are only allowed to be killed so that this same press can gleefully keep a running death count to demonstrate the "immorality of war," or the latest argument against a military solution.

The immoral aspect to the MSM stance, is that in order to make the war as sanitary as possible, the war is extended for years. More innocent cilvilians are murdered by jihadists who should have been killed by the U.S. and Israeli military, because that is jihadist's most successful tactic.

Yes, war is hell. It is ugly and horrible. People who should live long productive lives die in violent awful ways. If wars can be shortened by killing lots of bad guys quickly rather than giving these thugs the benefit of the doubt, fewer innocent people will be killed in the long run. Innocent civilians will still, unfortunately die, but many fewer than if these wars against Islamo-Nazi jihadists are allowed to fester for years.

In short, we in the West (Israel and the U.S.) need to ignore the MSM, the UN, the EU, the so called human rights groups, and get on with the business of destroying the Jihad. It's a tough enough task without trying to do it carefully and in a friendly manner.

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