Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Holocaust and the Red Cross

Debbie Schlussel offers an interesting perspective on the recent 60 Minutes segment on the upcoming opening of Holocaust documents to the public.
Last night, CBS News' "60 Minutes" did a story on the soon-to-be-opened (in June) Holocaust archives in Bad Arolsen, Germany. The archives store 50 million pages of records kept by the Nazis on the fate of the millions of Holocaust victims--6 million Jewish and 5 million non-Jewish murdered innocents and countless others who survived.

I watched the segment and have a few comments.

First, there's the issue that the archives are housed and operated by the International Committee for the Red Cross. That's something of a perversion, an abomination. This is the same Red Cross that gave the AOK for everything the Nazis were doing to these people. The same Red Cross that didn't just idly stand by for the Holocaust, but was a full accessory to it--covering it up and helping it go on.

This is the same Red Cross that now gives money to Hezbollah, but won't allow the Mogen David Adom (the Red Star of David) to belong to the Red Cross, while it allows the Islamic Red Crescent to join. Instead, the Jews had to have a red "crystal." This is the same Red Cross that allows its ambulances to serve as transports for Islamic terrorists, homicide belts, and assorted other methods of cold-blooded murder by the "Religion of Peace."

If you read the post there is an interesting comment from a member of the American Red Cross. Just thought I'd mention it.



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