Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs Avi Lewis

I first found this reported on I listened to Dennis Prager's analysis of this interview and it was interesting, but not as interesting and powerful as actually watching it. I've admired Ayaan Hirsi Ali for years. She is a heroic figure in today's world of cowardice and appeasement to evil. Compared to Hirsi Ali, Avi Lewis is a mental lightweight. She responds to every challenge he throws at her and quietly devastates each of his arguments. He never offers any counters, preferring to change the subject each time, as if thinking, "Oh, this time I'll get her. She can't have a comeback to this." Finally at the end, showing a class and dignity sadly lacking in political debate, and in Avi Lewis, she easily puts him in his place. If the guy has half a brain he will take the time to examine the lessons provided by Hirsi Ali and examine his stands on these issues, especially as she was able to almost effortlessly reveal each of his arguments as simply wrong.

He talks the talk, but she's walked the walk.

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At 9:41 AM, Blogger jennifer said...

Oh I was so mad at the anti-American questions and stolen elections, but you are right she closes well, Thanks for this Harry!

I am even more impressed with her!


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