Sunday, November 04, 2007

The MSM is Working Hard to Keep us Blind

It's not often that books going against the current liberal orthodoxy are reviewed in the Detroit Free Press. So when they ran a short review of Robert Spencer's
latest; Religion of Peace, Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't, I quickly read it. It was also a quick read because it was short. And it wasn't on the book review page, it was on the religion page, which in the Free Press is mostly focused on letting us know how peaceful Detroit area Muslims are, and how they are just like us, eschewing terrorism and wanting to enjoy the fruits of our great country. The review wasn't even written by a Free Press writer, it was a reprint from the Dallas Morning News, which, judging from this review is every bit as deceptive and dhimmi as the Free Press.

The reviewer isn't interested in facts, only in making sure that the past violence promoted by various Christian organizations is morally equivalent to the past, present, and continuous violence of Islamic groups. Somehow, pointing out that Islam is not a religion of peace and buttressing his argument with documented facts, Mr. Spencer is doing a disservice, as it won't help us to understand the differences between Christianity and Islam.

Writers who keep themselves in the dark and attempt to keep the rest of us in the dark with them won't understand (or admit) the difference until they find themselves in the same situation as Daniel Pearl or Theo Van Gogh. Some of us don't want to wait for that to happen to us, so we listen to people like Robert Spencer. Unfortunately, current events favor Robert Spencer's view over Robert Hunt's view, or as I see it, his self-inflicted lack of vision.

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At 5:40 PM, Blogger Rancher said...

I can’t count on critics at all. I remember all the Sci Fi critics totally slamming some dumb movie called “Star Wars” so badly I almost didn’t see it. Journalists go to journalism school because they want to better the world. Sixteen years in our liberal school systems have taught them what needs to be done for our own betterment. They do not report, they decide.

At 5:41 PM, Blogger Rancher said...

But then you knew that.

At 9:02 PM, Blogger Harry said...

When it comes to reviewers and critics I often wonder if there is not a hint of jealousy because they lack the talent of those they criticize, and the best they can do is to tear down their betters. When it comes to the current crop of journalists though, they've taken the liberal dogma way too far. They've lost track of reality . . . or substituted their own.


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