Saturday, October 13, 2007

Negotiate? How?

Reprinted at Journalista, the news weblog of the Comics Journal, a statement by Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi:
“We say now, to all of you — slaves of the cross and material possessions — that we are a nation blessed by Islam. You will learn how to kneel down in humiliation. You will learn how to officially apologize for your crime against our Prophet Mohammed. We know how best to force you to back down and apologize for your actions. We reserve the right to punish those who committed the crime. If you do not apologize, then your industrial giants will be attacked. Companies such as Ericsson, Scandia, Volvo, Ikea, Electrolux, and others will be legitimate targets. You have been warned… [Additionally], on this day forward, we call for the killing of the cartoon artist Lars who committed these despicable acts against our Prophet Mohammed. We announce a reward of $100,000 for anyone who kills that infidel criminal. The reward shall be $150,000 for anyone who beheads him as well. We also will give $50,000 to anyone who kills the chief editor of that newspaper. O Muslims, you shall seek this reward, ask for forgiveness, and kill these two infidels…”
- from the September 14 statement
by “Abu Omar al-Baghdadi,”
placing a bounty on the head of
Swedish illustrator/cartoonist Lars Vilks
So just how do you negotiate with that? How much of your freedom do want to give up in order to live under the thumb of - excuse me - I mean - in peace with these peaceful, misunderstood Islamofascists? For more, go to Gates of Vienna, the original source of this story.

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At 9:10 AM, Blogger jennifer said...

It is almost as if the Left is a child with their hands pressed tightly over their ears. And they refuse to see or hear any truth. Cause I do not know how they can't "get" this.


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