Sunday, September 09, 2007

Redefining "Islamophobia"

We could say that the 25 newspapers that refused to run the comic strip Opus these past two Sundays are all suffering serious symptoms of Islamophobia. I don’t mean that phony malady promoted by CAIR and their fellow traveling jihadi sympathizers. I mean a real fear of Muslims. The papers that wimped out on the Opus issue did so out of a genuine fear of Muslims and what they would do if some insane irresponsible imam whipped the Muslim world into the same kind of frenzy that we witnessed during the Danish Cartoon meltdown. This is the Islamophobia that the Islamists want us to feel. They want us to be afraid to "insult" Islam, or even question Islam. This is the Islamophobia that keeps the dhimmis in their place. It's the Islamophobia the Swedes refuse to bow down to (at least in this case) in their defense of the Mohammed dog cartoons.

A phobia is defined as an irrational fear. But based on past experience, this fear is far from irrational. Cowardly maybe, but not irrational. Since so many in the mainstream media (who should know better) have once again twisted and debased the English language by accepting Islamophobia as a legitimate state of mind, we can call their acceptance of dhimmi status, Islamophobia.

Besides self-censoring the comics page, are newspapers also censoring and adjusting the news because of their Islamophobia? After all, both Detroit papers ran glowing press releases – uh – I mean articles on the appointment of Ismail Ahmed as head of Michigan's Department of Human Services. Debbie Schlussel was the only source of information as to Ahmed’s dark past, which, had either paper also reported it, outraged readers might have demanded his appointment be rescinded. My letters to newspapers and government officials, alas, were not enough to do the trick.

Both papers give Muslims, including spokesmen from CAIR, valuable space on their editorial pages to advance their causes. A Muslim spokesmen was allowed to criticize those of us who are against the building of Muslim footbaths at U of M Dearborn with student fees, as Islamophobes. Another prominent Muslim was quoted in an article on the New York City Police Report on homegrown terrorism, making the idiotic claim that Islamophobia is morally equivalent to anti-Semitism and racism. That's the phony Islamophobia by the way. The real Islamophobia is that fear of Muslims that keeps the News and Free Press pages always open to Islamic spokesmen.

There are other stories that we are not getting from the News or the Free Press. When is the last time they reported on the constant bomb attacks across the “restive” south of Thailand by Islamic terrorists? Why haven’t we read about the destruction of the Nahr al-Barad refugee camp in Lebanon that has left 40,000 Palestinians homeless? Last summer, The News and The Free Press featured Al-Jazeera style reports, day after day, as reporters from both papers followed a group of Lebanese-Americans on a tour of houses that were destroyed by Israel simply because they housed Hezbollah-built rocket launchers that blasted rockets indiscriminately into Israel in order to murder innocent civilians. Then there was the tiny story of four Sudanese refugees being beaten to death by Egyptian soldiers as they sought to gain refuge in Israel. Not refuge in any Muslim country, but in Israel, you know the Jewish state condemned by the Muslim world, Europe, and the United Nation's so-called Commission on Human Rights, but the only country in entire Muslim dominated North Africa/Middle East that Muslim genocide victims looked to find at least a tiny sliver of hope.

Can all of this be chalked up to Islamophobia? Is there a fear in newsrooms across America that protects Muslims from reports of all but their most egregious crimes? What have you heard about the Holy Land Charity trial in Texas? Outside of the Internet, and a few MSM sources, not much. In Detroit papers, nothing. So maybe they’re right. Maybe Islamophobia is a serious problem. But remember, it's the Islamophobia of the dhimmi, that very real fear that makes one accept a second class existence under the "protection" of Islam. Is that what our newspapers have accepted?

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At 1:24 PM, Blogger jennifer said...

Sadly this is exactly what our newspapers have accepted. Makes me sick, but it is obvious the way the wind has blown for years. I am so grateful for the internet!

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Jungle Mom said...

They capitulate. Sometims I think we better start learning Arabic, but then, I know I wouldn't last long under their rule, so why bother!!!

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Rancher said...

Again, Harry’s point is it’s not a phobia, violent reaction to any material found offensive to any Mullah with an agenda and a wall to pin a Fatwa on is a rational fear. As an employer do you put your employees at risk? It’s a tough call, for instance Comedy Central refused to show a South Park episode in its entirety because Mohammed was to be pictured. While that action ironically made the authors point about Islamic censorship by intimidation I didn’t really get too bent out of shape because putting your people in danger for a comedy show seemed to be asking a bit much. News outlets however can’t let themselves be intimidated otherwise they relegate themselves to insignificance. What good was CNN’s Iraq Bureau if it couldn’t report anything that might have offended Saddam? Of what value were the Iraqi agicultural reports or the puff pieces on Uday Hussein’s Olympic team? That’s why blogs are on the assent and CNN is dying.


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