Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Pre-emptive MSM Surrender

There was the warning a few days ago on Little Green Footballs.
Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed has inked his share of anti-Bush episodes, but tonight he’s run afoul of an enemy that really does want to destroy his free speech.

And I’m not talking about radical Islamic front groups this time. Berkeley Breathed is being preemptively censored by our very own Western mainstream media.
One of the cartoons in question was supposed to run today (Sunday) the other one is supposed to run next Sunday. Today's cartoon is at also has this commentary by Joan Walsh on the newspapers not running Opus.

I waited to see if my own Detroit News would wimp out, and sure enough they did. Instead of the precious half page that Opus gets each Sunday, there was Candorville, a strip that on its best day is almost worth a chuckle, but is usually so ham handed in its political humor, that I cringe at the consistent lack of wit. Not only that, but Candorville was a single panel gag today. With the size of comic strips being squeezed more and more every year, to give a half page to a lame one panel joke was even more of an insult than the pre-emptive dhimmitude of the News. A real cartoonist (had they known in advance) could have really done something with a half page.

Once again, our newspapers have looked into the eyes of the Jihad and surrendered. But this time, there were no protests, no riots, no murders due to the usual insult or humiliation that the not-the-Amish claim every time they demand a concession from Western civilization. This time, news editors didn't even wait for the fight. They refused to stand up for the First Amendment. Rather, they censored themselves. There was no talk of fighting the good fight for freedom, no boasting of speaking truth to power. Why is that? Because this time, there may have been consequences for practicing that freedom. Newspapers, including the Detroit News have decided that the First Amendment is not worth fighting for. They no longer have that right if claiming that right offends the not-the-Amish.

The not-the-Amish, on the other hand, have been granted the special freedom, by craven newspaper editors, to not be offended. It's a good thing we have the Internet.

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At 8:27 AM, Blogger jennifer said...

It is as if History is repeating itself.Seems like this happened in Germany, simple small steps at first, and it was tolerated.

Then we all know what the final solution was, and for many it was too late.

I hope and pray that we wise up sooner rather than later.

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Yeah, it's kind of strange how some of us can see that, but others go about their business more worried about phony climate data cooked up by Gore lovers.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Rancher said...

With hate crime laws we can throw out equal protection under the law also. How long before see hate speech legislation? This twice now, remember the episode of South Park Comedy Central refused to air?

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Yep, I forgot about that since I don't watch much TV. Just another example that terrorism works, especially if the terrorist can make useful idiots believe that the terrorists are really the victims . . . of their own terrorism.


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