Monday, June 02, 2008

Of Course She Wants It Both Ways

This editorial by Michael Coren needs no comment.
It's the age-old question that all young Canadian university students have to face as they enjoy their publicly funded years at college pretending to receive an education. How do we guarantee a woman's right to abort a Zionist?

The issue is particularly troubling to Gilary Massa, vice-president external of the York Federation of Students in Toronto. She and her friends have introduced a ban on all student organizations that oppose abortion and believe that life begins at conception.

"You have to recognize that a woman has a choice over her own body", said Comrade Massa, presumably hoping to graduate in Hilarious Cliche Studies. "We think that these pro-life, anti-choice groups, they're sexist in nature. Is this an issue of free speech? No, this is an issue of women's rights."

Idiocy aside, there are some problems here with what used to be known as good old hypocrisy. Just a few months ago the same young lady was one of the leaders of a campaign to allow the term "Israeli apartheid" to be used on Canadian campuses. Jewish students and the mass of their non-Jewish colleagues considered the phrase deeply offensive when applied to a democratic country founded by victims of international racism and genocide.
For the record, I don't think the term "Israeli apartheid" should be censored. Yes, it is offensive, stupid, and factually inaccurate, but it does tell us a lot about the idiot who uses it and tries to pass it off as the truth.

If Canadians (and I know this is not true of all Canadians) want to live in a society where thoughts can be considered criminal, and thereby suppressed they are welcome to it, but they shouldn't be surprised if they end up on the wrong end of a thought crime lawsuit. At the very least, they will lose rights once considered sacred in a free society.

P.S. You can find more liberal fascist mental gymnastics from Gilary Massa here.
The student government at York University yesterday voted unanimously to deny "resources, space, recognition or funding" to student clubs or individuals "whose primary or sole purpose" is to oppose abortion.

"Our summer quorum is eight [members], so we surpassed our quorum," said Gilary Massa, vice-president external of the York Federation of Students, who said she did not know how many people actually voted.

"The York Federation of Students respects and affirms a woman's right to choose," the policy reads. "No YFS resources, space, recognition or funding will be allocated to enhance groups or individuals whose primary or sole purpose is anti-choice activities. Such activities would be defined as any campaign, action, distribution, solicitation, lobbying efforts, etc., that seeks to limit the individual's right to choose what they can or cannot do with one's own body."
She said the student body was outraged in March when a member of the Genocide Awareness Project -- a university -targeted poster campaign of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, a privately funded U. S. organization with a Canadian branch in Alberta -- came to campus for a debate hosted by the debating club. The ensuing controversy led to this policy, which Ms. Massa said is not a ban of antiabortion groups, but rather a "limitation of resources."

"They are able to conduct their activity, they just are not able to take advantage of the student union resources," she said.

She said the YFS has democratic processes in place to ensure application of the policy will be fair
The scary part, of course, is that Massa is not and cannot do this alone. She has the support of the student government at York U. in her quest to destroy freedom in order to save it.

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At 11:56 PM, Blogger Pen of Jen said...

Harry! I am rolling at the comments you left!

I am working on the house and having less time to visit the 30 or so blogs I visit( and leave comments) so I just announced a break. I mean if I am not leaving a comment, should I post and expect a comment?

Well of course! But then I decided not to be so, well, nutty.

Why does this post not surprise me? I wonder when common sense will rule? Yes, you are right NEVER.

My favorite is an oldie but a goodie "did you ever notice that all those who say it is a woman's right to choose, had mother's that chose life"

Ah well I hope that you are on a summer break. We hit 102 today so we are on an oven break.

take care

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Harry said...

30? How do you have time to visit and comment on 30 blogs and write your own? That's amazing. Oh yeah, and you run a farm. That's incredible.

I wouldn't worry about always having to leave a comment.

Two things are eating at me about abortions.
1. Something like 30% of all pregnancies end in abortions. Am I being too sensitive to that kind of number?
2. Women from some Asian backgrounds are purposely aborting girls. I haven't heard a single women's lib organization say anything about this.

There seems to be a profound lack of respect for human life that is growing in our society. While jihadists view their uteruses as junior jihadist factories, the Western Left sees their uteruses as an inconvenience to be surmounted.

Anyway, I will be on summer break soon - at the end of next week. Right now I'm still surviving the end of year activities.


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