Sunday, April 26, 2009

Calling All Human Rights Advocates

So-called human rights groups are angry at Israel . . . again.
Human-rights activists demanded an independent war-crimes probe after Israel's military cleared itself Wednesday of wrongdoing over civilian deaths in the Gaza war.
Human-rights groups said there is grave suspicion that both Israel and Hamas carelessly put civilians in harm's way -- Hamas by using them as cover and Israel by using disproportionate force in densely populated Gaza.

Since the war ended Jan. 18, calls have been mounting for a war-crimes probe of both sides.
Internal investigators in the IDF have cleared IDF members of wrongdoings. To some, that’s an intolerable stance, as Israel is always at fault. The Palestinian “narrative” is the truth to those in the “human rights” community. It doesn’t matter that there was no massacre in Jenin, the IDF did not kill Mohammed al-Dura, nor were they responsible for the ineptly staged Gaza Beach Tragedy. These self-deluded individuals pay no attention to the even wackier claims of AIDS infected prostitutes being infiltrated into Muslim areas by Israel, Jews creating diseases that discriminate against Muslims, and the old favorite of Jews needing blood for matzos and other Jewish holiday treats. The calls for Israel’s destruction by imams, the fact that Palestinians raise their children on a steady diet of Jew hatred is ignored or excused.

Of course the Israel bashers have gotten more clever in their tactics. Now there is a call for both sides to be investigated. With the insane anti-Israel bias among all of these groups and in the UN, is there any doubt on which side they would find fault? Israel is absolutely correct in ignoring these demands.

Israel will continue to face their wrath, but in return, we who side with Israel must ask why we haven't heard much chatter from these folks who claim that they are concerned with human rights when it comes to the civil war in Sri Lanka that's been going on for the past 26 years.
Hundreds who fled intense fighting in Sri Lanka's war zone were awaiting evacuation from this tiny coastal village Friday as the United Nations reported that nearly 6,500 ethnic Tamil civilians were killed in the last three months.

Civilians told journalists of Tamil Tiger rebels using them as human shields.
At least 6,432 civilians have been killed in the fighting since February and 13,946 wounded, according to a UN document circulated among diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka.
Over 6,000 civilians killed and no outcry?

Will we hear anything but muted denunciations over the murder of two people by the Taliban for the crime of adultery?
Their deaths were squalid, riddled with bullets in a field near their home by Taliban gunmen as the execution was captured on a mobile telephone.

In footage which is being watched with horror by Pakistanis, the couple try to flee when they realise what is about to happen. But a gunman casually shoots the man and then the woman in the back with a burst of gunfire, leaving them bleeding in the dirt.

Moments later, when others in the execution party shout out that they are still alive, he returns to coldly finish them with a few more rounds.

Their "crime" was an alleged affair in their remote mountain village controlled by militants in an area that was only recently under the government's sway. It was the kind of barbarity that has become increasingly familiar across Pakistan as the Taliban tide has spread.
Pakistanis had better be concerned. They could be looking at their future. But that's another post.

The point is that unless it involves Israelis defending themselves against Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, or any of the smaller splinter Islamic terrorist organizations, none of these self appointed champions of human rights can muster up enough outrage to condemn real abuses. When you compare the press coverage of the decades long civil war in Sri Lanka, with that of Israel, you have to conclude that nobody cares how many thousands innocent Tamils are killed or wounded. If The Press and the Palestinian supporting “human rights” groups can’t find a way to condemn Israel for the death of an innocent, that death doesn’t matter.

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