Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Nakba Mania

I've been following the news reports coming out of Israel as the-pawns-who-call-themselves-Palestinians try to force their way into Israel from Lebanon and Syria. Are they kidding? When will this idiocy end?

Yeah, I know the answer to that last question. As long as there is a Jewish Israel, the surrounding Islamic nations will be bent on its destruction by any means necessary. I also know that their job is made easier by the increasing number of useful idiots, heirs of Western Civilization, who have no idea how good they have it because they were lucky enough to be born into the greatest civilization (even with its many flaws) the world has ever known.

Tomorrow Israel will be condemned, and the few Syrian rioters who demanded death from the IDF will be be all over the news while the hundreds of Syrian protestors who were murdered by Syrian forces will be forgotten or marginalized. Coptic Christians who are being murdered by Egyptian Muslims - uh - I mean pro-democracy will be promptly forgotten. Or the world press will play the moral equivalency game, because you know, some of the Copts were protesting against being murdered. And that's probably Islamophobic.

I have to ask: have we become so weak, has our belief in ourselves become so exhausted that we're willing to put up with a primitive culture of death that in thirteen centuries of existence has given nothing of value to humanity, and bow to its will? Have we allowed ourselves to become so soft and debased that we not only refuse to name the enemy but invite the enemy into our midst and then let them force their rules on us?

Tacitus, in his Histories, (but I forget where) states that men must always be at war to avoid becoming weak. The only thing Islam has given the rest of the world is war, terrorism, and slavery. But they are in constant warfare. Islam's bloody borders, like it or not, is a fact of life. They murder us. They murder each other. But they believe that they have that right. They execute Muslims who open their eyes, see Islam for what it is, and try to leave, or even suggest that it's time for reform in Islam. We, on the other hand, not only tolerate quislings, traitors, and vandals, some of the truly stupid among us afford them respect. I want to know how these twisted Western apologists for evil think they would do if they actually had to live in an Islamic society.

Israel has its share of useful idiots, but today they defended their borders. They will be condemned by the rest of the world, but as always, the world is wrong. Israel is right.

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