Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Wishful Thinking

Jews are murdered in France, and against all logic, who is suspected? Anybody but a Muslim. Neo-Nazi, racist, they'll suspect anybody as long as it's not a Muslim. Never mind that for the most part right, wing anti-semitic groups have been marginalized. The only reason anybody pays attention to them is to try and keep our eyes off of Islamic and left wing (or progressive, if you like) Jew-hatred. The media and dhimmi government officials in France recalled the deeds of Anders Breivik in Norway to justify their delusional suspicions. Never mind that the Norwegian psychopath didn't target Jews. The fact that there was one terrorist who wasn't a Muslim was and is enough to ignore the fact that there have been over 18,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9/11.

But wait! There's more! According to Debbie Schlussel:
We already know from previous experience in Gitmo that when the U.S. catches and releases Islamic terrorists, they have a 97% recidivism rate of going back to jihad and murdering more innocent Westerners. And so it goes with Mohammed Merah, who was never even detained by us or sent to Gitmo during his sojourns of bomb-planting in Afghanistan, but sent on his merry way to murder four innocent Jews–three of them young children–at Toulouse, France’s Ozar HaTorah school and other Frenchman. (Thanks, Gerald.) Not only did we NOT detain him, we sent him back to France to perform his jihadist mission. Incredible.
We're not allowed by insult Islam, but Muslims are allowed to murder Jews, and Christians, and apostates, and their daughters, and other Muslims and . . .

And we're supposed to believe that it's got nothing to do with Islam? This would be a lot easier on all of us if Western governments were working for the safety and security of their own citizens instead of trying to keep us, in the West, from insulting and humiliating members of the Religion of Peace.

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