Tuesday, June 21, 2005

World Refugee Day? Then why no cards?

My thanks go to Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs for yesterday's reminder that it was World Refugee Day. Somehow it competely slipped my mind.

World Refugee Day? I too, at first, thought it was just another Hallmark Holiday designed by those greedy capitalist cardmakers to force us to purchase more cards. But no, it's sponsored by those crafty anti-semites at the U.N. in order to remind us once again that those poor Palestinians, after 57 years, are still wasting away in squalid refugee camps. Oh, wait, they're not wasting away, they're reproducing like rabbits, busily creating the next generation of homicide bombers. But let's face it. They are supposed to garner our sympathy.

I have no sympathy for them. At the same time Palestinians were fleeing their homes so that five Arab armies would have the room they needed to rain death and destruction on the newly born nation of Israel, Jewish refugees were being driven out of their homes all over the Arab world. Where there used to be almost a million Jews in the Arab world, now it's close to being Juden-free.

And yet 57 years later, when the number of Palestian "refugees" has tripled, there are no Jewish refugees. What happened to all of those Jewish refugees? We know the answer to that. They created a vibrant democratic society smack dab in the middle of a bunch of festering theocratic dictatorships. And what do they get for their troubles? Decades of villification from foreign governments, protests from brainless, terror-supporting leftists, and war from their jealous neighbors.

How dare a bunch of Jews create wealth in the middle of poverty! How dare they make the desert bloom! How dare they create industry, agriculture, educational opportunity, and military superiority amongst the most repressive, fascistic cultures on Earth! How dare they create real ecomomic opportunity (jobs) for Palestinians! How dare they show the Muslim world that Jews do NOT have to bow down to them in order to thrive! How dare the Jews not come crawling to the World Body as victims, like the Palestinians are doing now.

Nobody is doing the Palestinians any favors by allowing them their self-conferred victim status. It's way past time for them to stop trying to destroy Israel, stop whining about how they've been wronged, and start building a real society.

World Refugee Day? I think not! John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. I think so.

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