Monday, June 20, 2005

Have Your Cake, Eat Your Cake, and Have Someone Else Buy Your Cake For You

According to an article running in today's Detroit Free Press,
Palestinians are also concerned about the future of Gaza's economy when the Israelis withdraw, particularly Israeli-owned agricultural businesses. Among matters stil being negotiated are the disposition of Israeli greenhouses - which employ 3,500 Palestinians alone - and other enterprises owned by Israelis, and Palestinian plans for a seaport, an airport and open border crossings.
So the Palestinians in Gaza are, with the blessings of the entire world, going to realize their dream of a Juden-free Gaza. But they still want the fruits of Jewish labor. Which European society of the 1930s and 1940s does that remind you of? Hint: They started WWII. The U.S. fought against them. Another hint: Israel is often compared to them by the brain dead on the left.

The title of the article is, "Land plan is middle ground." I quoted from the print version, which is from the NY Times. The on-line version, though is from The Associated Press. One quote from that article:
Israeli-Palestinian violence has dropped sharply since Sharon and Abbas declared a cease-fire in February, but sporadic fighting has continued.

In an attack Sunday, Palestinian militants ambushed Israeli soldiers along the Gaza-Egypt border. One soldier died and an attacker was killed, the Israeli army said.
They forgot to mention the reason violence has dropped sharply; because of constant vigilance of the IDF.

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