Monday, July 25, 2005

More on Israel and the Terrorist Threat

We are all Israelis. We are in a war against terrorists and their apologists in the main stream media, the British news services seeming to be the most deranged in their love of terrorists and hatred toward Israel. Tom Gross offers an important column in the difference between British and Israeli handling of terrorists, and the hypocritical response of the British press.
Contrary to the absolute lies told in the British media in recent days, the Israel Defense Forces have not instituted a shoot-to-kill policy, or trained the British to carry out one. For example, on Friday, at the very time British police were shooting the man in the Tube, the IDF caught and disarmed a terrorist from Fatah already inside Israel en route to carrying out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. Israeli forces didn't injure the terrorist at all in apprehending him, and disarming him of the five-kilogram explosives belt, packed with nails and metal shards, that he was wearing.

And yet for taking the bare minimum steps necessary to save the lives of its citizens in recent years, Israel has been mercilessly berated by virtually the entire world. Had Israeli police shot dead an innocent foreigner on one of its buses or trains, confirming the kill with a barrage of bullets at close range, in a mistaken effort to thwart a bombing, the UN would probably have been sitting in emergency session by late afternoon to unanimously denounce the Jewish state.
Debra Saunders takes the left and London Mayor, Ken Livingstone to task for their immoral terror apologist policies.
Livingstone typifies a certain stripe of lefty who so hates President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair that he or she makes excuses for murderers.

Imagine, as I've written before, if anti-abortion terrorists began killing innocent civilians and said they would stop only if the government outlaws abortion. (After all, if terrorism wins for Islamic extremists, why shouldn't U.S. extremists adopt it?) The left would not fault pro-abortion policies. The left would not blame the government for legalizing abortion. The left — correctly — would denounce the terrorists, the violence and any attempt to extort policy by threatening innocent lives.

Yet because the terrorists criticize the Bush and Blair policies, many leftists make excuses for the July 7 murders. These true believers have taken the old saw — the enemy of my enemy is my friend — to such an extreme that they have become apologists for homicidal zealots who, given power, would have little reservations about jailing them (or worse) for their gender, sexual practices or "infidel" status.

Livingstone isn't the only Brit to blame Blair's policies. At a press conference Thursday, journalists asked Blair and visiting Australian Prime Minister John Howard if they felt responsible for actions — sending troops to aid in U.S.-led military efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq — that put Brits and Aussies in peril's way.

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