Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Reason Israel is Superior Than its Neighbors and its Critics

Here is one of many reasons that Israel is infinitely morally superior to any of its neighbors and also superior to its critics. Not all of Israel's critics are Jew-haters. Some of them are merely misguided or delusional. All of them do need help with their thinking and none of them will give Israel credit for any of the good it does, including having a society, which as the linked article shows, is much closer to the type of egalitarian society many of Israel's critics on the Left claim to want than any society in the Muslim world. I found this report at Book Worm Room.
The Arab countries forcibly evicted their Jewish populations, so as to seize their property and purify their countries from the "stain" of Judiasm. Israel is also asking one of its Arab citizens to leave, but for a very different reason:

In a few weeks Ismail Khaldi, a 35-year old Bedouin shepherd from the village of Khawalid in the Zevulun Valley, will leave his family and move to the United States to serve as Israeli consul in San Francisco, as the first Bedouin diplomat.

And yes, you should read the whole thing. It's short.

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