Sunday, June 18, 2006

Israel and the Impending Palestinian Civil War

According to this article from the Detroit Free Press,
Stumbling toward the brink of civil war, Palestinian leaders are struggling to snuff out an internal feud before it extinguishes their flickering hopes for an independent state.

Their efforts to keep their society from splitting into warring Islamic and secular camps were set back last week when Israeli missile and artillery strikes killed Palestinian civilians, the militant Islamic group Hamas resumed rocket attacks on Israel and a mob of Palestinian soldiers stormed their own parliament building and briefly abducted a lawmaker.
Reading that portion of the article, it suddenly struck me; no matter what the Palestinians are doing to each other in their stumble toward civil war, there has to be some blame apportioned to Israel. Our newspapers are still playing that game, millenia old, but more popular than ever: BLAME THE JEWS!

As we've seen over the past 60 years, the so-called Palestinians are quite capable of vicious, senseless violence. Before they were left to their own devices in Gaza, all of their pent up viciousness (encouraged by Palestinian and Muslim outlets) was directed toward Jews and Israel. Now Israel has called their bluff and given them exactly what they claim they have wanted all along, a state of their own.

So what are they doing with it? Besides launching rocket attacks against Isreal, that is? They're battling amongst themselves of course. After 60 years of being pandered to by the rest of the world, being given billions of dollars with no demands of accountability, being excused (and at times actively encouraged) for formenting violence against Israel, being absolved of all responsiblility for their debased condition, they have reaped exactly what they've sown. Surprise!

But still, they and our MSM, it seems, feel the neeed to place at least some of the blame on Israel. They have, after all, insisted on defending themselves against the relentless Palestinain terror campaigns of the past 60 years. After the Holocaust, they realized that there was no future in being "good Jews" and filing into the boxcars as they and their chidren were told to do. They came to the sane conclusion that he only way to survive those who would destroy them was to actively fight back. This is inexcusable to the Muslims who are trying to create a worldwide ummah, and to many others who love downtrodden, humbled, victimized Jews, but have no use for free Jews who are full members of the world society with full rights and priviliges. These Jews tend to get uppity and do things like succeed in the arts, sciences, business, medicine, literature, music, etc.

So while the Palestinians force themselves to sink ever deeper into their personal Hell-on-Earth, Israelis and Jews will continue to succeed in a world they helped create, whether or not anyone else approves.

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