Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Frenchman with a Spine, Italian Dhimmis

According to this article in Haaretz, there are some in France like Xavier Lemoine, mayor of Montfermeil who do "get it" when it comes to the Islamic peril facing Europe.
"Look," he said, standing at the window of his office and pointing at the immigrant neighborhood, "it's either them or us. If they win, we are dead ducks. I am a proud French Catholic and I have no intention of living as a 'dhimmi' (a non-Muslim enjoying protected status in a Muslim country - D.B.S.) in my own country. We are different from them, and these people do not represent France. We are caught in the middle of an Islamic war being fought all over the world - in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Everything that happens over there has reverberations here in France and influences the immigrants."

Initially, he thought the "rebellion" was being fueled by poverty and problems of integration in a new society. He soon realized that the Muslims were a cultural challenge to his country. One incident, for instance, continues to haunt him.

"It was two months after September 11," he recalled. "We were holding a festival of drawings in our kindergartens and elementary schools. I was amazed to find that 20 percent of the children, all of them Muslims, had depicted Osama bin Laden as a cultural hero. That discovery still sends shivers down my spine."

For the past few nights, he has been troubled by a recurring nightmare in which immigrants flee their houses and burn down the city. He is sure the Muslim immigrants have declared war on France with the intention of bringing it to its knees. He considers the Jews allies in this confrontation. "I am pained by the thought that my country is ashamed of its culture and values. When France denies its own history and incessantly apologizes for slavery, for its conquests and for colonialism, is it any wonder that the immigrants are rising up against it and are showing no respect for it? Unfortunately, France has not demanded that they change. It has allowed them to speak Arabic and to cultivate their heritage at the expense of French culture."

Construction will soon begin in Montfermeil on a mosque with a 12-meter minaret. According to Lemoine, because of a lack of Muslim places of worship, he gave in to pressure and permitted the building of the mosque, which is intended to serve the 25,000 Muslims in the area. He hopes the prayer services and the opening of a place where Muslims can gather will cool passions in their community; however, he has no illusions. "This is a struggle between cultures," he sighs. "It is a war between Islam and Western culture. France and all of Europe are in danger. If we fail to understand the extent of the Muslim threat, we are in grave peril."
We know, of course, that the building of this mosque will only empower the local Muslims to demand more. If Mayor Lemoine had more support from the spineless French and deluded EU governements, maybe he wouldn't be in this situation.

Meanwhile, in Italy, assorted mental midgets, moral retards, and dhimmis are allowing Oriana Fallaci to be brought to trial for defaming Islam. The charge is being brought by a certain Adel Smith.

As far as I know, Ms. Fallaci is living in New York City and has no plans to visit Italy to face these fools.

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