Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Murder Children - Get Great PR - If You are Palestinian

Here are two photographs. What do we see in them? Well, there is the obvious, masked men planting bombs. According to reports that came along with these AP photos, these men are preparing for the impending invasion of Gaza by the IDF.

In case you weren't sure, these are Palestinians. How do we know? Well, they're dressed in traditional Palestinian terrorist garb. And they are surrounded by Palestinian children. Has Palestinian society become so debased that they would cynically manipulate their children in order to gain PR points against Israel by using them as human shields and thereby exposing them to the possibliity of violent death or dismemberment?

Look at the pictures. They would and they do. If there is a work accident, and these "martyrs" are sent to their 72 raisons, children would be killed or injured also. Then any survivors would immediately blame the Jews. It's happened before in other "Palestinian work accidents". (Here is today's example. They haven't had time to blame the Israelis yet, but stay tuned). If the IDF attacks these miscreants, there too, is the danger that children will be injured or killed. The Palestinian leadership lives for those episodes. That's why their terrorists travel in crowds. If there is one thing they have an excess of, it's human shields.

It's crass. It's vile. It's what the Palestinians do. It's what their apologists in the Muslim world, in the MSM and on the left excuse. They blame the deaths of children purposely planted in the kill zone on the Israelis. This is only one example of many over the years of Israel being held to an impossibly high standard in warfare against a vicious terrorist enemy, while the Palestinians are excused for being subhuman in the same situation.

Is this an example of anti-semitism? Yep, pure and simple Jew hatred, expressed by Muslims, encouraged by the MSM and the immoral left.

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