Friday, December 29, 2006

Mom Replies to Ahmadinejad

The little Iranian pissant, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sent letters to President Bush and to the American people offering peace in exchange for us submitting to Islam. As the World's only remaining superpower the United States hasn't been acting very powerful as we've been letting Iran and Ahmadinejad get away with way to much for the past few years. I'm not sure if any of our leaders have been noticing but Iran is responsible for much of the terrorism going on around the world. You know Hezbollah? They're supported by Iran. Hamas? Iranian support. Al-Queada? Same thing. The fact that we, the United States, have done nothing to stop the Islamo-supremecist thugs of Iran, is making little Ahmadinejad into something bigger than he has any right to be. He is Mahmoud the Menace, and he desperately needs to be squashed.

Our leaders may be coming up short in their responses to Iran and its psychopathic president, but over at AskMom, Mom has written a reponse to the little pissant's letter to the American people. It starts off like this:
This is a message from the Uppity Unburka'd Gun-Toting Grandmas of the Free World to Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, so-called President of Iran and teller of poisonous, slithering lies:

Bite Us.

You loser. Your pansy excuse for a religion requires you to offer us a chance to submit and convert before you try to kill and enslave us. Offer noted for the record. Tragically for you, we have guns and bad attitudes. Our sons and grandsons have bigger guns and worse attitudes. Our military has the biggest guns and the worst attitudes this earth has ever seen.

I've got news, Mahmoud my boy. We're pretty committed to this democracy thing we've got going here. And none of us is all that excited about giving up our job, education, voting rights, intimate body parts or ability to feel the sun on more than just our eyebrows.

We don't fancy our daughters and granddaughters as breeding stock for you and your genetically subnormal followers, either. The girls are uppity too and expect to choose for themselves who the daddies of their babies will be. "Smelly violent hate-crazed camel molester" doesn't seem to be a strong favorite, sorry to have to disillusion you about that.
That's only the beginning. Read the whole thing. I have nothing to add to what she says, but I agree wholeheartedly. I'm guessing some Americans would be shocked and disgraced at her politically incorrect and non-multicultural stance. They're deluded. CAIR, of course would condemn her as "Islamophobic", which for me, is all the more reason to support her. Rock on Mom!

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