Monday, February 19, 2007

Everybody Wants to Get Into the Act

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judiasm has issued a foolsh postion paper regarding the Iraq War. In it, they pretty much follow the lead of the quisling Democratic Congress. On the one hand they state,
The Union for Reform Judaism’s 2005 Resolution on Iraq called on the United States Government to take several actions including “some withdrawal of troops [that] should begin after the completion of the parliamentary elections [December 2005]…with the continuation…as soon as possible, in a way that maintains stability in the nation and empowers Iraqi forces to provide for their national security.” The 2005 resolution urged President Bush to provide a “clear exit strategy to the American public.”
But then, in typical mealy mouthed, talking out of both sides of your mouth fashion, they also call for,
Commending our service women and men (and their families) who have answered duty’s call and served our nations honorably…and support generous benefits for them;
Ensuring the United States government provides sufficient armor, supplies, and security for our troops through the completion of phased withdrawal;
In other words, force our troops to fail, but claim support because they get equipment they won't be able to use to complete their mission and then give them a hearty pat on the back for the service they've rendered to their country . . . which we didn't allow them to finish.

There are also the obligatory calls for diplomacy, you know, talking to our trustworthy opponents in Iran and Syria, as is suggested in the Baker/Hamilton report, the same report that calls for talks regarding Israel, but doesn't include Israel as a partner in those talks. Sure, why not throw Israel to the wolves. After all, it's strictly in the interests of peace.

And speaking of diplomacy, having the U.N. and the E.U. talking to the Iranians certainly slowed down the "peaceful" Iranian nuclear program, which the Iranian leadership has promised to use to "peacefully" destroy Israel and threaten Europe.

And then there's more proud parading of ignorance, as when they claim,
Regionally, the collapse of Iraq threatens the stability of Iraq’s neighbors. They have an essential role to play in preventing that collapse through financial support; reconstruction; securing Iraq’s borders by preventing incursions of terrorists and destabilizing actors; reinstating diplomatic relations; and encouraging national political reconciliation
So they haven't been paying attention to the fact that Iran has been playing all three sides of the street; encouraging and helping Sunnis to kill Shias, Shias to kill Sunnis, and their own terrorists to kill Americans. In other words, they want chaos in Iraq so that they can be the local power broker. Those facts don't matter as they continue,
Iran and Syria particularly play central roles in the region and can help or hinder the security of and situation within Iraq. Due to the ethnic makeup of both Iran and Syria, these countries should be pressured to engage in dialogue with their counterparts in Iraq to encourage an end to the insurgency and the beginning of stability.
Yeah, sure.

But wait, there's more; like this little tidbit:
A declassified intelligence report released in September 2006 stated that “The Iraq conflict has become the ‘cause celebre’ for jihadists, breeding a deep resentment of U.S. involvement in the Muslim world and cultivating supporters for the global jihadist movement.”
Right, let's ignore what we already know, that the U.S. failues in Vietnam, Somalia, Lebanon, etc., have been the best actual jihadi recruiting tools and that failure in Iraq would be the greatest advertisement for jihad anyone could hope for. They think we're a paper tiger, the Religious Action Center wants us to prove it. And if we did accept failure - I mean an exit strategy, who of our friends would ever believe in our steadfastness again?

Finally, there is this bit of absurdity:
The alarming devastation wrought on civilians—driven by insurgents and terrorists but then exacerbated by U.S. responses—has made this perhaps the most damaging war for civilian casualties in modern history.
Now, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that with the Holocaust, the Rape of Nanking, destruction of various cities throughout Europe and the Far East during WWII, (not to mention the Russian atrocities in Afghanistan and Chechnya, which nobody does mention since the Russians are neither Jewish nor American) places this last quote in the realm of hyperbole, unless the term "modern history" only goes back to January 2007.

This is just another poorly thought out report by people who should be added to the list of what Julia Gorin correctly refers to as Dumb Jews.

On the other hand, it does show that the stupid claim of "the Jewish Lobby" that allegedly forced us into this war is . . . well . . . stupid.

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