Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Muslim Mau-Mauing

Over the past six years we've seen a depressing number of news sources accept their dhimmi status and bow to Islamic thugs at CAIR and other Muslim pressure groups. They were afraid to publish the Mohammed cartoons. They condemned the Pope for his statements rather than violent Islamic reaction to the truth he told. They bought the Hezbollah propaganda during last summer's Lebanon war without question. Now Newsweek is trying to present Iran as a possible victim of American agression, or as it states in its insanely and blindly sympathetic to Iran article,
The Iranians have reason to feel paranoid.

Fortunately, not every journalist is ready to bend over. Rod Dreher boldly refuses to join the majority of his collegues in submission to Islamic pressure groups.
Dallas is home to a large and relatively prosperous Muslim community. The Dallas Central Mosque is Texas’s largest. The area’s Muslims, though, have had a contentious relationship in recent years with the Dallas Morning News, mostly because of the paper’s groundbreaking 2001 reporting on the Holy Land Foundation, whose leadership is now under federal terrorism indictment. Since then, local Muslim leaders have engaged in a running dialogue with the News, with the declared aim of improving relations.

It was in that spirit that Sayyid Syeed, then head of the Islamic Society of North America, came in, together with a local delegation, to see the editorial board a few months after I arrived from New York in 2003. Syeed made a laborious presentation about how journalists needed to join with the organization in promoting peace, tolerance, and reconciliation. I knew something about ISNA and asked Syeed why—if his group truly supported peace and suchlike—its board included members directly linked to Islamic extremism and anti-Semitism, including the notorious Wahhabi-trained Brooklyn imam Siraj Wahhaj. The professorial Syeed dropped his polite mask, shook his fist at me, told me that I would one day “repent,” and compared my question with a Nazi inquisition.

Hysterical indignation, I soon learned, is the standard operating procedure for Islamic groups in dealing with the media in this town. Shortly after the Syeed meeting, I published a column in the News decrying the media’s evasion of legitimate questions about Islamic figures and organizations, hoping to shame journalists into posing them. That’s how I became, in the designation of one (now-defunct) Muslim website dedicated to criticizing the News, “the new face of hate.”
Read the whole thing for more on Dreher's battle against his local Dallas Islamists. He is inspiring and he gives me hope that others in his business will listen to him and realize what the Islamic supremecists are trying to force on us. Then write to your local news outlets and demand that they be vigilent in not succumbing to Islamic pressure. Especially write to the dhimmis at Newsweek and ask why they are taking the side of Iranian psychopath, Amadinajad. Have they no shame?

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