Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are the British Suffering From Terminal Stupidity?

My aunt's British boy friend recently returned from a visit with his family in Britain. With all I've read about the swift decline of that country, he made it sound even worse. He has no desire to ever go back. It's too depressing. According to what he saw, law and order have broken down across all of British society. British youth of all economic strata have no respect for anyone. Hooliganism has triumphed. He made it sound like the British are on their way to adopting the Somali model of society, or as Mark Steyn has termed it "reprimitivization". On the other hand, once their acceptance of dhimmi status is complete, there will be leadership. They might not like sharia law, but they are becoming more tolerant of their impending Muslim masters and the shaira they bring. Coupled with this is a raging anti-semitism, neatly demonstrated in all of its glorious stupidity by the British National Union of Journalists. As Carolyn Glick points out,
POOR JOHNSTON (a British reporter kidnapped by Palestinian gunmen and reportedly murdered by them - harry) was so biased in favor of the Palestinians that he could have been forgiven for believing he would be safe from Palestinian terror. As the BBC's Middle East Bureau chief Simon Wilson put it, Johnston "is regarded as a Gaza journalist foremost and a foreign journalist second." The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate said that Johnston is "famous for his opinions which are supportive of the Palestinians."

Of course, there is nothing extraordinary about Johnston's anti-Israel positions. The day before his execution was announced his colleagues in Britain went out of their way to prove their anti-Israel animus. By a vote of 66-55, Friday the British National Union of Journalists voted to boycott Israeli goods.

It will be interesting to see how they manage to implement their boycott and work as reporters at the same time. Since Israeli engineers developed their cell phones, their Pentium chip computers, their voicemail and their instant messenger software, boycotting Israel will involve giving up their ability to quickly amass their anti-Israel propaganda, vomit it out on their computers and send it off to their Israel-bashing editors.

But then, even if they figure out a way to work without technology, one can still only wonder at their decision. After all, their Palestinian colleagues don't seem too concerned with Israel these days. They have real tyrants to contend with.

In response to Johnston's disappearance and in protest against the utter lack of press freedom in the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate called a boycott not of Israel, but of the PA.
It's taken Britain generations to get into this mess, and I used to hope that they would realize the mess they're in and fight back. I've lost that hope.

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At 8:53 PM, Blogger Jungle Mom said...

I am afraid they have lost their will to fight back. Scary!


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