Friday, July 20, 2007

Where are the Atheists When You Need Them?

For years atheists and other haters of Christianity have been battling to have every last vestige of Christianity removed from the public square. All in all, in spite of their insane warnings of the rise of a Christian theocracy if we continue to acknowledge Santa Claus, they've been entirely too successful. They claim to want religion removed, but they're lying. According to an article in the Detroit Free Press,
The U.S. Department of Justice has waded into a legal brawl between a national atheist group and the Detroit Downtown Development Authority, which pledged $734,570 in grants to three historic churches in a major downtown face-lift in time for the 2006 Super Bowl.

A federal judge in Detroit is expected to rule soon in the case, which could have national implications as to what role the government has in helping to preserve historic churches.

American Atheists Inc. sued Detroit's DDA in U.S. District Court last year, saying the grants violated the constitutional separation between church and state. The DDA pledged the money to the churches as partial reimbursement for improvements the churches made to their properties.

"The churches should be paying for those projects, not taxpayers," American Atheists President Ellen Johnson told the Free Press last week. She said the projects amount to public support of religion.
The churches in question, as the article tells us later are hundreds of years old and are legitimate historical sites in Detroit.

If you go to the website of American Atheists Inc, you'll notice that all of their proudly displayed lawsuits are against Christian targets. There is not a word about installing footbaths for Muslims in American public universities. Even the Christophobic ACLU didn't want to get involved in that one, even though they could have easily shut down the project, or at least saved students at U. of M. Dearborn some money by forcing Muslims to used some of their Saudi - for jihad only - cash to pay for them.
"If the ACLU had decided to take legal action against the UM-Dearborn, we probably would have called for the university to raise the funds privately, just so that the UM-Dearborn wouldn't have to go through the trouble of having to defend its position against the ACLU," Walid said.

Kary Moss, director of the Detroit branch of the ACLU, said its review concluded the plan is a "reasonable accommodation" to resolve "safety and cleanliness issues" that arose when Muslims used public sinks for foot cleaning before prayers, which often spilled water on bathroom floors.

"We view it as an attempt to deal with a problem, not an attempt to make it easier for Muslims to pray," said Moss, who likened the plan to paying for added police during religious events with huge turnouts.
Neither the American Atheists nor the ACLU have raised their voices against any of the attempts by Muslims to sneak sharia law into this country, except to side with Islamic supremecists against the United States. If you recall, the ACLU defended a Florida woman who demanded the special right to wear a veil on her driver's license photo. Then the ACLU was concerned with religious freedom. They've never expressed any interest in the cab drivers who demand the special right to refuse service to passengers who carry alcohol or depend on seeing eye dogs. It's not that they are protecting us from religion, they have chosen their religion, and the one they have chosen is the most intolerant and violent one on the planet, the one that is still firmly rooted in a seventh century desert mentality, the one whose stated goal is the subjugation of all others under their blood-soaked banner.

Of course, they'll never admit that.

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At 8:57 AM, Blogger Jungle Mom said...

So true, Harry! Thanks for this article. The atheists seem to only target Christians and Jews.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger jennifer said...

Of course right on!

At 8:24 PM, Blogger jennifer said...

I am like a person who takes three days to get a joke...

The atheists are busy ensuring that the Muslims at the airport are not being profiled, that Muslims can wash their feet, and that children around the country know the five pillars of faith for Islam.(because truly an atheist only hates the God of the Jewish faith, and the Christian faith(same God) whereas they love all the gods.)


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