Sunday, December 28, 2008

Addicted to Stupidity

As I did during the summer of '06, I've been following news reports from Israel for the past two days. Some of it has been from online news services, some has been from bloggers. Of course, the news reports are sympathetic to the Gazans. They are having a rough time of it, watching their Hamas terrorist heroes being swatted like flies, except for the fearless Hamas leaders who are in hiding somewhere, sending out defiant statements by carrier pigeon.

I'd like to feel some sympathy for these people, but I can't. The world community, that is, the U.N., the E.U., the MSM, the Islamic world, NGOs, and "human rights" organizations have turned the so-called Palestinians of Gaza into the most debased society on the planet. Looking at some of the war-torn African societies and the remote tribal areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, that's saying something. Gazans have spent generations living off the largess of the civilized world, offering nothing in return except demands for more aid and the creation of a terrorist state solely dedicated to the destruction of the neighboring state of Israel. They have a good reason for wanting Israel gone. After all, it is the Jewish state. On the other hand, if they were allowed to erase Israel from the map, the world would need a new scapegoat for the disorders of Islamic society.

In Gaza they raise their children to hate Jews, to admire terrorists who murder Jews, and to aspire to nothing higher than being able to murder Jews themselves. Perhaps I lack proper human emotion, but I can't bring myself to feel sorry for them. When a terrorist "mission" is successful, and Jews are killed, even if the victims are innocent women and children, there is dancing and the passing out of candy in the streets of Gaza. I'm not rejoicing, and I'm betting that nobody in Israel is celebrating the Gazan's pain. It is a horrible situation, and the people of Gaza are nothing more than pawns of the terrorist thugs of Hamas and their masters in Syria and Iran - who deserve all the pain and suffering that Israel is willing to send their way.

Gazans are getting plenty of undeserved sympathy from the usual moral retards who for years have ignored the constant barrage of rockets being shot into Israel, and now are upset with the Israelis for fighting back like they mean it. I linked to this f***ing idiot from Protein Wisdom. He is breathtaking in his stupidity and obvious unwillingness to face the truth that not only is Israel right in striking back, but they should have done this two years ago. If he were the only one, it would be no big deal. But there are more of him than there are of us so we have to fight harder.

In other news of Islamic depravity, some still keep slaves . . . in the United States. The article doesn't say they're Muslims who are the slave owners, but they just happen to come from Egypt, Morocco, and other N. African nations. And their names just happen to be . . . you know. Here's the video.

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