Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Soldiers Speak

This morning I went to a fundraiser. I didn't know it was a fund raiser. I got an invitation from a friend to come to her house for brunch and to hear a talk by an IDF member. So I went. And I was impressed. The soldier I listened to was from a new (at least to me) organization: Our Soldiers Speak. They travel the world giving their story, of life on the battlefield, fighting terrorists while trying desperately to avoid hurting the terrorists' human shields. The young fellow giving our talk spoke eloquently about the morality of the IDF compared to the documented immorality of Hamas and Hezbollah. He also talked about the need to counter the UN and the MSM who have chosen the side of the barbarians against civilization and morality in this battle.

He also asked for tough questions. He wasn't afraid to answer them. He'd already spoken at Columbia and in Berkeley, hotbeds of Palestinian sympathizers. Some of my friends had heard him speak at Michigan State University and at U of M Flint, where he was verbally attacked by the Israel haters. He answered their questions and kept his cool.

I've been going to various pro and anti Israel events around the Detroit area. Besides the points of view, the big difference is in the demeanor of the two sides. Pro Israel speakers are not afraid of tough questions. When they're not being interrupted or drowned out by the moral retards of the "human rights" and "peace" communities, they are willing and very able to give easy to understand answers to the most obnoxious and insulting questions. When attending Israel-bashing events, we sit quietly and politely and wait until the end to ask questions. That's when we get shouted down and insulted and when our questions get too tough, we are asked to leave. The Israel haters don't always have good answers. Frequently they are convoluted and hard to follow, or outright lies.

Why the interruptions? Why are they so threatened by allowing our side to speak? We know the answer. It's embarrassing to be unmasked in public as a liar.

Anyway, the organization, Our Soldiers Speak, deserves your support. And if you are looking for an effective pro-Israel college speaker, this is the organization to seek.

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At 11:54 PM, Blogger MightyMom said...

thanks for the information!

At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great article! Living in Israel we hear of groups "going abroad" to do PR, but we rarely get feedback. I see these children (and they are children) going into combat units knowing from one day to the next they can be ambushed, knifed, blown-up and if they manage to avoid that, the leftists are there to spit on them and call them criminals. It breaks my heart, but I feel safer in Israel because of these amazing young men and women--and each day I give a prayer of thanks that they are keeping me safe and not hiding behind me.

At 6:49 PM, Blogger Harry said...

You're welcome.

You would have loved his presentation. He was exceptionally poised and well-spoken. And we certainly need more people to speak up for Israel. As an American Jew, I get disgusted by American Jews who seem to consider themselves "liberals" first and Jews a distant second, and who take the side of the Israel-bashers.


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