Sunday, April 04, 2010

Yet More Educational Stupidity

Will the idiocy never end? How bad do things have to be before those in charge make the changes that must be made? Here is another fool offering her prescription for continued failure. She thinks she's advocating for the poor and downtrodden who have no chance at getting a decent education. If she knew anything about education, she would understand that she brings nothing useful to the discussion. She is another nonthinking dolt who thinks that the government can solve all of our problems for us if we only calm down and let it. Personal responsibility has no place in her world view. And of course, in her universe, charter schools are part of the problem with American education.
As we struggle to make universal health care a reality, we are dismantling the one national institution whose mission is generally applauded: the delivery of free public education for all of our children.
Lesson: if it's free, it must be good. In fact, it must be better. Why? Fool, because it's free. Never mind the fact that by any measure available, education is not being delivered to a large portion of our children by the "free" public schools. That should be especially and painfully obvious to anybody in and around Detroit. So one must wonder how anybody in the editorial department at the Detroit Free Press could take this basically anti-capitalist rant seriously.
The idea that essential social goals can be achieved by free market practices is a delusion.
And essential social goals are defined as exactly what in this woman's socialist world? So what is the gist of her complaint?
Charters are simply enabled to bleed students – and their accompanying dollars – from the public, universal system. Although charters must accept students on a first-come, first-served basis, they can limit enrollment numbers, thus leaving many out. Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem program is rightly honored, yet children are accepted by lottery. Many who wish to participate are left outside.
Equality! That is the gist of her problem. All students don't have equal outcomes. And there must be equal outcomes or the system isn't fair.

But as she tells it, every student can't escape public schools and get into the charter schools that do allow their students to excel. Her idea of equality isn't being met. She would rather have the current system-wide failure continue. That way, all students could be equal in their failure; equality of outcome. Her idea of equality is a Harrison Bergeron world. Hasn't that been the result of all societies that have used government mandates to meet "essential social goals?"

It would be beyond the mental capabilities of this woman to stretch her thinking to wonder if perhaps the methods being used by successful charter schools should be used in a greater number of schools so that more children could succeed. No, that would lean too far in the direction of free markets. And we know that it is the fault of free markets that the United States, and western civilization in general are such miserable failures when it comes to allowing people to have a free productive life. That's why so many flee to the government controlled utopias of Cuba, Zimbabwe, N. Korea, and other happy, thriving utopias where essential social goals are being achieved.

So tell me again, why are these idiots still being taken seriously?

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Thank you for the Easter greetings. I am home and hope to get back to the blogs I love soon!


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