Wednesday, March 30, 2005

If you are not a dream, whose reality are you?

First, I've been married for a lot of years and I am still in love with my wife. I've never cheated on her, and I never intend to. But sometimes in dreams . . . well, dreams are not real life. Things are different in dreams . . . and . . .

So anyway, I dreamt I was talking to an old girlfriend. We haven't (in real life) seen each other for almost 25 years. In the dream I was listening as she went on about how we could never get back together. Although I didn't say anything, I agreed because she just didn't look the same. She had lost her looks, but not because of age, she was as old as she was then, she just didn't look good.

As she continued talking, her looks became more masculine, until she was a boy. Then she/he confessed that he was actually the brother of my old girlfriend. (In real life she only had a sister). He was trying to decide if he should let his sister date me again. Then his sister came into the room and although she looked different than I remember, she still looked mighty fine.

She came and through her arms around me and we kissed with mouths closed, until she grazed my lips with her tongue. And then I woke up. I was in a good mood, well, because this was a good dream. But I wasn't upset at being awake, because I love my wife.



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