Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The New Pope

As a dedicated follower of the herd, I too, must weigh in on the new pope; Pope Benedict, the XVI. (I like using Roman numerals. There, my dirty little secret is out). At first, like everyone else, I wondered, a German pope? 78 years old? How old would he have been when . . . you know? And would he have been a member of . . . you know? He was, but he was young at the time. With so many adults willingly becoming Nazis, how could a youngster escape it? As I read more about this time in his life, it seems he wasn't as dedicated to the cause as some of the other young future sociopaths. I do have to give him the benefit of the doubt as he did drop out to become a priest.

Some doubters, Catholic and non-Catholics want him to follow their agenda and loosen things up a bit (or a lot), and will be satisfied with nothing less. I'm not Catholic so I have no say in the matter. If you're Catholic and not happy with the Pope, join another church. If you're not Catholic, shut up and deal with it.

I read that he's going to continue Pope John Paul's policy of reaching out to the Jews. I think that's a great idea. I also read that he's aware of the current Islamic threat to Europe and the world. I'm on his side there too. I'm not European, but it scares me that too many Europeans are willing to give up their Christian heritage in return for - for - for what? They damn the Jews who have contributed to the creation of their civilization, and kiss the feet of Muslims who want to establish an Islamic theocracy where Christians and Jews would be forced to accept second class status. I'm hoping Pope Benedict can help the Europeans get their heads out of their rear ends and begin to reclaim what their ancestors built and fought for over the last two thousand years. It isn't perfect, but it's better than being under the heel of an Islamo-fascist dictatorship.

Go Benedict!



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