Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mind Games

Sometimes I turn on Free Speech TV. Part of the reason is masochism, part is the need to actually see the arguments those people are making. Are they really as absurd as some on the right say they are? Usually they really are that absurd.

I caught the end of a show called, Every Church a Peace Church. Even before I heard what the two gentlemen on the show were talking about, by brain had turned it into Every Church Appease Church.

So what were they discussing? The damage we are doing in Iraq; "we", being the United States. I suppose they were upset that the United States Armed Forces ended the golden age in Iraq under Saddam. We have to learn to appease the Islamic totalitarian dictators. Appeasement worked against the Nazis, didn't it? And it's certainly worked in the Middle East, with Israel handing over Gaza, allowing it to become a haven for terrorists, and a Jew-free zone.

Oh wait. It's not strictly a Jew-free zone right now, not after some Gazan citizens invited Gilad Shalit to be their special guest in Gaza. Not wanting to be left out however (jealousy?) more Israeli citizens have entered Gaza; the IDF. And now, after working really hard to make sure that Gilad Shalit entered Gaza, the Gazans are upset that he was followed by more members of the Israeli military.

Now the Palestinians are screaming out their stupid, familiar refains of "humanitarian crisis", "collective punishment", "Israeli agression", "crimes against humanity". They are making demands. The IDF and IAF are in their backyard, and they are making demands. Outrageous chutzpah, you say? Not at all. They've become used to Israeli appeasement. They've gotten it in the past; they expect it again. Why not? They've been fighting a war against Israel for 60 years. Militarily they've gotten their asses repeatedly handed to them. But Israel, the Jewish state, based on Jewish values has never fought to crush and humiliate their Muslim enemies. They've never shown the Palestinians that there are consequences for your actions. In fact, truck with food, fuel, other supplies have been allowed to enter Gaza. Again they are shown that unlike the rest of us, they don't have to suffer the consequences of their actions. If they scream loud and long enough, either Israel, the United States, or the United Nations will make it all better.

The rest of the world, including those who should know better, like the EU and the United States have contributed to this mess by their constant defeatist refrain of "restraint". On the few occasions that Israel has been prepared to destroy its enemies, in 1967 and 1973, the world demanded that Israel show restraint. Do Israel's enemies ever face the same demand? And if they did, would they heed it? Not according to the charters of the PLO and Hamas.

So does Olmert have the backbone to demonstrate to the world that Israel is no longer a Palestinian punching bag? Will Israel be allowed to show the rest of the world how to fight against the Islamic terror machine? Or will they once again be reduced to begging a weaker enemy for peace? Will they continue to appease terror? Will they be forced by the legions of terror apologists world wide to continue to appease?

We know the answer, but we also know that Israel has to have the strongest spirit of any nation on this planet to have survived this long. I pray that Israeli spirit stays strong. And I will continue to support Israel in its battle against Islam.

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