Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Review of Robert Spencer's, The Truth About Muhammad

Lately I've been reading a lot of reviews. Generally I read CD reviews before I buy a CD. When it comes to books, though, I read the reviews after the purchase. In both cases, I go to Amazon, AMG, and other sites to read what nonprofessional reviewers, you know, regular folk, the great unwashed, have to say. I especially like to read the negative reviews of things that I want. Sometimes these people make good points, and sometimes they serve to show where we may differ in taste or where the reveiwer's prejudices lie.

When it comes to reviews of certain books, it's obvious that the reviewers never even read the book they are reviewing. This is glaringly apparent when it comes to Muslims who review books critical of Islam or books that point out the unpleasant truths about Islam. Wait, that would be the same thing. You can also tell where Israel-bashers condemn books favorable to Israel without having read a word.

My new favorite book review is this one from Barnes and Noble.
Nina, A reviewer, 01/29/2007 Customer Rating for this product is 1 out of 5
Very disappointing and false.
This is the most ignorant book I have ever come across...'Founder of the world's most intolerant religion'?!?! That is the most ignorant statement I have ever read. Read the Quran and teachings from actual scholars to find out the truth about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. This book should be categorized under non-fiction because that is exactly what it is.

While not all of the phony reviews are this funny, they are this obvious.



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