Saturday, April 21, 2007

Armed Miss America 1944 Stops Intruder

I'm sure others will or have posted this, but here is someone who objected to becoming a victim or a statistic. I wasn't even going to participate in this debate, but this incident just speaks too loudly.
WAYNESBURG, Ky. - Miss America 1944 has a talent that likely has never appeared on a beauty pageant stage: She fired a handgun to shoot out a vehicle's tires and stop an intruder. Venus Ramey, 82, confronted a man on her farm in south-central Kentucky last week after she saw her dog run into a storage building where thieves had previously made off with old farm equipment.

Ramey said the man told her he would leave. "I said, 'Oh, no you won't,' and I shot their tires so they couldn't leave," Ramey said.

She had to balance on her walker as she pulled out a snub-nosed .38-caliber handgun.

"I didn't even think twice. I just went and did it," she said. "If they'd even dared come close to me, they'd be 6 feet under by now."

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"I'm trying to live a quiet, peaceful life and stay out of trouble, and all it is, is one thing after another," she said.

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At 7:19 AM, Blogger Jungle Mom said...

One tough Lady!

At 10:27 PM, Blogger jennifer said...

Oops, I thought I posted a comment and I must have previewed it then left the page.
I correct my opinions of the beauty pageants winners, I guess that some are more than just pretty!!
Take care Harry, I am praying for you and your family.

At 11:48 PM, Blogger CaraqueƱa said...

You go girl!


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