Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Couple of Things to Think About

First a question: If Israel is the oppressive, apartheid, genocidal entity its enemies constantly claim it is, why do refugees (even Muslim refugees) from the north African craphole countries seek refuge in Israel? Hasn't word gotten to them yet? Hatred of Israel along with the enumeration of alleged past, present, and future crimes of the "Zionist Entity" is rife throughout the world. How did these poor, abused people miss it? And why are they shot by Egyptian police if they're caught in Egypt while trying to sneak into the Country-That-is-the-Cause-of-All-That-is-Wrong-in-the-Islamic-World? And how much effort are the world's "human rights" advocates including those at the U.N., putting into publicizing and condemning these atrocities?
Egyptian police shot dead a 42-year-old Eritrean migrant on Thursday as he tried to cross the border into Israel at dawn, a medical source and a security source said.

Five other Ethiopian migrants were arrested in a separate attempt to cross the border four hours later, the same security source said.

The Sinai border is a major transit route for African migrants and refugees seeking work or asylum in Israel. Egypt has come under pressure from Israel to staunch the flow. Rights groups complain about the methods of the border police.
Egyptian police have killed 13 migrants this year, a security source said, compared to 19 for the whole of 2009.

The United Nations and Amnesty International have called on Egypt to check its border guards' use of excessive force against unarmed migrants.

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay asked Cairo in March to launch an inquiry into what she said could be a "shoot-to-kill policy" by some Egyptian security forces. Egypt rejected Pillay's comments.

Security forces say they fire at migrants only after repeated orders to stop are ignored, and say that in some cases smugglers who ferry migrants to the border have opened fire on security forces.

Here are Penn and Teller explaining Obama's concept of "spreading the wealth". Remember when Obama was first elected and it was forecast by the Obama-loving MSM that there wasn't anything about Obama that would provide comedians and satirists with material for their craft? Remember, they told us that there was nothing to make fun of or to laugh about when it came to Obama? It's obvious that they were and still are troubled at having the one they worship brought down to a human level by those of us who don't and who never have thought much of him. We are laughing (through the tears in some cases) at his ineptitude, his failed ideology, and the fact that he really doesn't like the United States that much. But, hey, watch the video. It's funny.

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At 2:38 AM, Blogger MightyMom said...

I have to say, I just love Penn and Teller!!

that was sooooo good!

"where does Bill Gates live?"


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Mrs. C said...

I really want to think it's funny... but sometimes I look at this stuff and think there's nothing to laugh about.

Hey... thought I'd drop a link. Sobering.

At 6:46 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Bill Gates does NOT live in my neighborhood, I know that.

Mrs. C,
No matter how things get (and I know this sounds cliche), but we have to keep our sense of humor. Besides, I just received an email that's an update to your link. I'm going to post it and I think you'll like it.


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