Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Response to Helen Thomas

Even though the ruckus has died down and Helen Thomas is no longer in the news for her irrational comments, there are still things going on that relate to that wrinkled, demented gasbag.

The first thing is - most people weren't even paying attention. When I speak to people who are not obsessed (or even interested) in what is happening when it comes to our local Arab/Muslim community, they either have a vague idea of who Helen Thomas is, or the entire controversy passed right by them and they didn't even notice. I suppose that's normal. How many people's lives were impacted by Wayne State's "Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity Award", and Wayne State's decision to pull it after Thomas' obnoxious statements? So why should they pay attention? I'll tell you why. Because, even when they don't know the facts, people still form an opinion. I do it. You do it. We all do it. Sometimes I get into arguments with people who operate on very little (or completely incorrect) information over Israel. Sometimes those opinions affect the way people respond to situations, the way they spend money, the way they treat people, the way they vote, and the way they let some people be abused. Example: Nobody is raising their voice anymore against the genocide in Sudan. We don't see it in the news, so it doesn't exist anymore.

The second aspect of this under-the-radar-but-still-ongoing situation, is the reaction of large portions of the Jewish community and our self-proclaimed leaders. At first, Thomas was roundly, logically, and accurately condemned, as she deserved. Of course, her partners in hate are trying to frame this as a free speech issue and an example of that all powerful Jewish conspiracy that shuts down any and all criticism of Israel. So how is it that they're able to foist these views in our local (allegedly Zionist controlled) newspapers again?

We have silence from the Jewish community over this article in the Detroit Free Press, where the writer, while supposedly writing about Muslims joining Jews to help Christians on Christmas, something the Jewish community has been doing for years (as part of the vast Zionist conspiracy, no doubt) turns it into another forum for Muslims to express their support for the Jew-hating Thomas.
When Micki Grossman of Farmington Hills read journalist Helen Thomas' comments about Zionists earlier this month, the Jewish woman was hurt. "It caused a lot of pain for me," she said.

"I also wish that we could have had more of our Muslim friends stand up and say, 'This was not appropriate.' "

But some Muslims and Arab Americans were upset that Jewish leaders pressured Wayne State University to remove an award in her name.

At the annual banquet this month of the local chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, people wore buttons reading "Defender of Thomas," said regional director Imad Hamad.
And you can't accuse Imad Hamad or any of the other Thomas supporters of "not getting it." They get it. They're taking advantage of the fact that most people don't pay attention, and with the limited amount of information they have, they can be convinced that this is a free speech issue - if they can even be reminded who Helen Thomas is and what she said that was so offensive.

Instead of deluding themselves that our local Islamic community is truly interested in improving relationships with, and working side by side with the Jewish community, our "leaders" need to wake up and really listen to these schmucks. They need to understand that any compromise with this Islamic evil is a victory for evil. I would ask them when, in our 3000 year history, has compromise with evil ever worked in our favor?

Wait, let's extend that. When, in the history of human civilization, has compromise with evil ever worked to the benefit of humanity? I suppose it's possible. Maybe I missed it.

The larger problem here, as some people have recognized while others have buried their heads in the sand, is that Islam is a world wide problem. Whether or not we have personally had to face the hatred or terrorism personally, it has already affected our lives and will continue to reduce them as the evil coming out of Islam continues to be excused. You would think the Jewish community would understand that and would stand stronger in openly battling it. You would be wrong.
Last year, the Jewish community invited Muslims to help them volunteer on Christmas. The partnership was a historic first, with about 60 Muslims helping 900 Jewish volunteers. This year, up to 400 Muslims led by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan will take the lead on Christmas.

"We have many similarities," Grossman said. "Let's look for the sameness rather than the differences."

Such partnerships are playing out across metro Detroit.
Similarities? Sure, there are some. But I challenge Jewish leaders to examine Islamic texts and attitudes as to our differences. I also challenge Muslim leaders to honestly explain and answer questions about some of the more unsavory portions of the Qu'ran and the hadiths.

That will never happen, because it would be impolite of our Jewish leaders to do so. They will be called "Islamophobic" and racist. Samuel Huntington, in his Clash of Civilizations was subjected to name calling because he made people pay attention to Islam's bloody borders. He's got the impolite, politically incorrect facts to back up his ideas, but when people refuse to face the facts, name calling becomes their substitute.

It's time for the Jewish community to face the facts.

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