Monday, January 23, 2012

The Joke is on Whom?

If we weren't currently suffering under our current administration, I'd ask, "Are you kidding?" Unfortunately we know that he's not.
The Taliban must promise to disassociate from international terrorism and affirm their desire to participate in tentative talks on a political settlement to the war in Afghanistan, a senior U.S. official said on Sunday.
The Taliban is only willing to negotiate the terms of our surrender. We are the infidel. The Taliban take the Quranic command to fight the infidel until all men acknowledge Allah as God and Mohammed as his prophet. Don't forget that it is written,
Chapter 9, verse 29 of the Qur'an reads:

"Fight those of the People of the Book who do not [truly] believe in God and the Last Day, who do not forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden, who do not obey the rule of justice, until they pay the tax and agree to submit."
I'm sure in lieu of conversion, they will accept the jizyah. Either way, the sacrifice in American lives and bodies has been wasted. Men and women who were beyond the understanding of the petty, spineless schemers in Congress and the White House, have been sacrificed so that the base scum who inhabit the American halls of power can, Scrooge-like, keep their gnarled, morally diseased fingers on their ill-gotten gains.

Gibbon wrote of the Eastern Roman Empire in decline, a time when weak, ineffective, emperors ruled, one after another, watching the remains of a former great empire, built by great men at a time when great men were allowed to rise to the top, slowly get eaten away by foreign and domestic enemies they were too weak to effectively confront. The strong among the Greeks, if there were any, were silenced and ignored by court eunuchs and their followers who were more interested in keeping their plum positions than in doing what was best for their people.

And today we have the Democrats.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ezra Levant eviscerates Obama

Egad, here he goes again with the videos. Well, just one this time.

Ezra Levant is Canadian, but he is right on in this video. Obama, like the previous worst president in American history, Jimmy Carter has proven that he prefers thugs and dictators over democracies and the American people. We, the American people, have been thrown under the bus.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Videos for You

The first two are shocking in their representation of Israeli apartheid. I found the third one entertaining.

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Oh, Now I Get It

It took me a while, but thanks to Sarah Schulman, writing in the New York Times, I finally figured it out.

Israel has become a world leader in technology, agriculture, including drip irrigation and desalinization of water, medicine, including advances in battling heart disease and cancer, environmental quality, renewable energy, and defense; ten Israelis have so far won Nobel Prizes. (To compare, Muslims, accounting for 20 percent of the world's population, have won 8) It's the destination of choice for Sudanese refugees who survive the life-threatening trek through Egypt. it's the only country in the Middle East that allows equal rights for all of its citizens regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, or sexual orientation; Muslims (especially female Muslims) in Israel have more rights than they do in any of the Islamic nations.

Israel opened the first field hospital in Haiti after their devastating earthquake, they assisted the Japanese after their recent earthquake and tsunami; Israel has sent humanitarian aid to more than 140 countries and authorities. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been treated in Israeli hospitals, including children suffering from life-threatening diseases who would die if not for Israeli resources. Also bringing better health to the children of the world is the Israeli-based charity, Save a Child's Heart, an organization that brings children suffering from heart ailments to Israel from 42 countries where adequate medical care in unavailable.

All of this, I now know thanks to Sarah Shulman, is done to cover up Israeli oppression of the Palestinians.

Oh, those crafty Zionists!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Progressive Inner City Classroom

One of the problems of educating poor children in modern society is that the students who try to learn, to better themselves so that they can move up in society and become a contributor instead of a parasite, is the savage peer-resistance they face. Thomas Sowell has written about this pernicious influence in the United States among black students who accuse high achievers among them of "acting white." But it's not a racial issue. Theodore Dalrymple writes of the same pathology in British schools.
What did they mean by this apparent paradox? They meant that anyone who tried hard at school and performed well was wasting his time, when he could have been engaged in the real business of life, such as truanting in the park or wandering downtown. Furthermore, there was menace in their words: If you don't mend your ways and join us, they were saying, we'll beat you up. This was no idle threat: I often meet people in their twenties and thirties in my hospital practice who gave up at school under such duress and subsequently realize that they have missed an opportunity which, had it been taken, would have changed the whole course of their lives much for the better. And those who attend the few schools in the city which maintain very high academic standards risk a beating if they venture to where the poor white stupids live. In the last year, I have treated two boys in the emergency room after such a beating, and two others who have taken overdoses for fear of receiving one at the hands of their neighbors.
Peer pressure, especially when it's violently negative, as adults know, and as we try to encourage our own children to avoid, has a tremendous effect on a child's education. Study and hard work that leads to beatings and hospitalization is a powerful incentive for giving up. The future parasites do not allow anyone in their domain to rise above that setting. Everybody must remain equal, that is, equally stupid, equally poor, equally miserable, and equally a drain on society.

Among Progressives, we are being taught to abhor differences in wealth among Americans. The distribution of wealth, we are told, is too skewed in favor of the rich. This is something new and dangerous to society. This inequality is bad news. In the name of fairness, wealth needs to be redistributed. If you are too successful, and you make too much money, you can be threatened. If you are an oil executive, you can be hauled before Congress and paraded before the American public in a glorious show trial. And to Progressives, this kind of harassment is not only acceptable, but noble. Because some people are poor, and some work hard for very little money, those who make a lot of money must justify their wealth. Businessmen who have made an honest living and have committed no crimes can be vilified and threatened by our elected officials because they're not equal, because they've used their talents are resources to rise economically above the rest of us. As our president has told us, "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money." How much money is enough? He didn't say. But we can assume that above a certain amount, you qualify for a beat down.

The really perverse part of this mode of thought, is that I'm pretty sure that it's shared among Obama's wealthy supporters. We know though, that as long as they keep funneling a portion of their lunch money to Obama's reelection campaign and other causes that he supports, they can never make enough money. Some capitalist oppressors are more equal than others.

And if it's not the president bullying us into poverty, it's an environmental group. How much bullying does it take before the wealth creators give up and leave the rest of us to sink into equality? Once we have an entire society of parasites though, who does that society feed off of? We only have each other.

It's no wonder the Left sides so adamantly with Islamists. They to want equality, at least their Islamic version of equality, you know, Muslim males most equal, infidel females least equal . . .

I wrote all of the above back in August. And since then, I've ignored my blog. I started posting a comic strip, but once school started, I didn't have time to draw. Between school, tutoring, non-blog pro-Israel activity, and going to the gym, who's got time to draw?

But getting back on topic, the rise of the OWS movement has proven everything I've written. There is a sample here. Make sure you watch the video. My question at the beginning is, what are they so afraid of that they refuse to cooperate with a conservative web-based news service?

Am I back? Who knows? Who cares? If I have time (ha!) I will continue my amateurly drawn comic strip.

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