Friday, October 10, 2008

Just for Fun

I've been sort of overwhelmed these past few weeks. I've made myself a victim of overscheduling. Something had to give. But now I'm back, or at least as back as I can be.

But since there's not much going on these days, even though I've heard rumors of some sort of election, and whispers of strange goings on in the economic sector, and rumblings from various dictatorships having something to do with nuclear energy, I found a couple of great Youtube videos.

The first one is a duet between Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong. I'm guessing it's from the Jackie Gleason Show because he shows up late in the video behind Satch and Dizzy. I knew that Satch got over his distaste for Be-Bop, but I never knew that he and Diz played ever played together.

This next one was also a surprise; Groucho Marx, doing his You Bet Your Life, with a mystery guest. Or at least, the guest is probably a mystery to most of those below a certain age. To those of us who are privileged enough to remember back that far, this is a delight. You don't find much comedy of this caliber from any age.

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