Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Pre-emptive Surrender to Islam

This cartoon was was censored by the quislings and dhimmis at the Washington Post and lots of other American newspapers that have no problem running comics and articles that insult Christians and Jews. Suddenly though, they have developed their latent religious and cultural sensitivities. There were no protests, no threats of violence, even the folks at CAIR expressed no fuss. But, I'm sure that CAIR understands much better than the cowards in the Washington Post editorial department, that merely by asking for an opinion from the Hamas front group CAIR, that Muslims no longer have to make threats. Our MSM has surrendered. The first amendment has been replaced by Sharia law in the news room. The censorship of the cartoon proves the point of the joke, something else the dhimmis at WaPo didn't get. Repost it and pass it on.

UPDATE The captions are really hard to read so: The top one says,
Picture book title voted least likely to ever find a publisher
The bottom caption reads, Where's Muhammad?

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Can She Be That Stupid?

Helen Thomas, who wants all Jews to leave Israel and "go back home" - to their ancestral homelands of Poland and Germany, where - well you know, insists that she is not anti-Semitic. But then,
"I hit the third rail. You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive," Thomas told Ohio station WMRN-AM
So whose fault is it that she lost her job after exposing herself so plainly as a Jew-hater that even her employer could no longer ignore it? Why, it's those Jews of course. But that doesn't make her anti-Semitic because . . . because . . . well, because she said so? Has the habit of blaming Jews for all the ills of the world become so commonplace that it's nothing more than a mindless cliche? I don't think so, and Thomas is a fool for not understanding her own hatred, or for trying to convince the world that she isn't something that she so obviously is.

Let's check the reality of the situation, you know, examine the facts, something Helen Thomas and her fellow travelers strenuously avoid, unless they are making up their own facts, which change as quickly as the weather, once the old ones are exposed as bogus. Some professional critics of Israel are making a fine living. Jimmy Carter, Mearsheimer and Walt, and other spiritual heirs to the Spanish Inquisition, Russian pogroms, Islamic massacres, and low grade thugs whose only function in life was to make life miserable for the Jews in their midst, are feted by elite news magazines, and treated to softball TV interviews as they push their Jew-hating books and complain that they are being silenced by a shadowy Zionist conspiracy.

This time Helen Thomas has pushed her agenda a little too far. I'm tired of this crap and now I'm pissed off. So let me just say to Helen Thomas (and believe me, others will follow) - Listen, and listen good lady, because now you've done it. You've pushed me over the edge. I am a member of that shadowy Zionist conspiracy that controls the Media and holds U.S. foreign policy hostage. Well, guess what. I'm stepping out of the shadows to let you know something. I'm going to be working with some of my co-conspirators, and when you wake up tomorrow morning, you are going to wish your name was Sleeping Ugly and that you could have slept for another hundred years. Because when you awaken, you are going to find that your house has been foreclosed on, your car repossessed, all of your credit cards canceled, your bank account frozen, your driver's license and passport revoked, your Facebook and Twitter accounts closed, and your birth certificate hiding in a place so obscure that hunters will find Obama's long before they find yours. You school records, even those from the "school of hard knocks" will disappear. You will become a nonentity. You will have ceased to exist in every data base in the world and in the lives of anyone you know or have ever known. Those who used to love you (if it was even possible to love a hideous wretch like you) will avoid your gaze and involuntarily cringe if you approach them on the street - which will be your new home. You will be brought so low that you will wish and beg to be allowed to rise to the level of a street person, one of those we used to refer to as "bums". They will pity you but want nothing to do with you.

Understand - you didn't criticize Israel. Criticism is honest. It takes into account the good and the bad. It's logical and based on facts. You showed your irrational hatred for 14 million people you only know as "Jews". You demonstrated your support for a Jew-free Middle East by way of ethnically cleansing Israel of its majority Jewish population. And even though you did this, and are now pegged as the next victim of the "Zionist Conspiracy," you will survive - in a way. But you're going to wish you hadn't. You are about to end up as a character in a Philip K. Dick novel. Enjoy your new "life", sucker!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stalking the Wild

Every year over Labor Day Weekend we go camping with a group of families from our synagogue. And every year I take a nature walk with my daughter and her camera. This year my wife came with us. My son, who always had better things to do, has, like many other of the children who used to come with us, aged out of camping. Once they hit college, they've got better things to do. In his case, it was work. That's good. He needs to work. The three of us did have a nice walk though, and my daughter got a few good photos.

I took another walk by myself. It was on another trail. This one butts up to a swamp at one point, or is it a bog? Or a wetland? I'm not sure. But there are frogs, turtles, dragonflies and other critters. It's full of lily pads for the critters to frolic around on, and under, and around, and it's not very big. The trail actually goes around the whole thing and is maybe a half mile long. There is only one point where you don't have to walk very far to get close enough to the swamp to get your feet wet. My daughter and I always stop at this edge and try to catch a look or two at the swamp inhabitants, but usually all we catch are the remains of the splash as they dart away from us. But we do tend to talk as we walk, and we are also usually swatting at mosquitoes. You would think the dragonflies would take care of that problem, but they don't. Sheer laziness, I tell you.

We had a cool Labor Day weekend in Michigan this year, so I was able to stand at swamp's edge and just watch without being bothered by little bloodsuckers. The first thing that happens whenever we walk up to the swamp is that we hear splashes of creatures swimming away. And then we try to catch glimpses of them as they swim about.

They splashed away as always, but as I stood without moving, they slowly returned to their normal activities. There were turtles swimming around, carefully and in a zig-zag pattern, making their way back to the shore. Some of them were even climbing back out of the water to sun themselves on logs. One tried a few times and kept falling off a stick that was too thin to balance on. I was being watched though. I shifted into a Gary Paulsen mode, trying to become part of the landscape so that the animals would ignore me enough so that I could watch them. A muskrat swam pretty close to me but took off when it realized that I was a big dangerous person. Frogs went back to their habit of just sitting there waiting for food to fly by. And I stood still, only moving my eyes for about a half hour.

It was fascinating being able to watch things that had been hidden from me before. I imagine that our ancestors who had to hunt for their food needed this type of patience every day in order to be able to eat. Animals who serve as prey are always on the lookout for predators or anything that shouldn't be there and might be dangerous, like the guy standing there in jeans, sweatshirt, and baseball cap. One never knows.

My main concern was somebody coming down the path and ruining my "nature time". It didn't happen, but finally I had to move. As soon as I did, all of the turtles and frogs that has worked their way close to shore dove underwater and scattered.

It was over. I went back to the campsite to read and chat with the other people we camp with every year. I'll do it again next year. Maybe my daughter will be patient enough to stand there with me.

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