Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Future Washington Post Op-Eds

Yes, I read the whiny pack of moral distortion from the head terrorist at Hamas, Ismail Haniyah in today's Washington Post. Others have taken the time to give it the properfisking it merits. You already knew he was a self-serving liar, who, just like the Palestinians in general refuses to take responsibility for the evil he causes. But follow the link anyway and get some facts.

I'm wondering who else the Washington Post will see fit to print. What about the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Will he offer his "scientific evidence" as to why there was no Holocaust in Europe and how Hezbollah is actually a charitable organization that only brings food and comfort to downtrodden Muslims? How about an explanation of the coming of the 12th Imam?

I'm sure Osama bin Laden has opinions. Will the Washington Post give him a few column inches in which to praise martyrs, and condemn crusaders, Israel and the West? After all, those random messages through Al-Jazeera are getting old. He could use a new forum. If not WaPo, perhaps a page on My Space.

We don't hear much from Bashar Assad. It could be because no one has asked him. I'm sure the WaPo will . . . now that they've opened the door to Jew-hating genocidal terrorists. Not that Bashar is a terrorist, merely a dictator. He might want to discuss optometry, or trying to grow a chin (with apologies to Mr. Zappa).

I don't want to ignore other world trouble makers. After all, not all totalitarian despots and terror supporters are Jew haters. There's always Kim Jong-il. I doubt he's ever met a Jew. But he knows despotism. He could let us know in no uncertain terms how he's going to defend his country against Japanese and S. Korean agression with his defensive nukes. Maybe he would repeat the funniest line in Haniyah's piece,
However, we do not want to live on international welfare and American handouts. We want what Americans enjoy -- democratic rights, economic sovereignty and justice.
Well, that was the only funny line. The rest was pretty sick and bizarre. I'm sure it all made sense in Haniyah's Pali-fantasy-stine.

This world certainly has its share of tyrants; Castro, Chavez, Mugabe, etc., and surely it's coincidental, but they all seem to hate America, her allies, and all free nations. I'm just wondering who the WaPo will pick next. I can't wait to find out!

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