Friday, July 07, 2006

Paging Eason Jordan!

Here is a post from LGF about an attack by Palestinians on a carload of reporters from Al Jazeera. Here is most of the post:
In a story about the Gaza operations, Associated Press Palestinian propagandist Ibrahim Barzak tosses off an insignificant tidbit of trivia:

In nearby Beit Lahiya, Palestinians fired at a car carrying a crew from the Arabic satellite TV channel Al-Jazeera, wounding two people, said Wael Dahdouh, one of the reporters in the car. The gunmen apparently thought the reporters were Israeli undercover agents, he said.

And that’s it. Because the Al Jazeera journalists were shot by Palestinians, the world’s media could not care less. Imagine if Israel had been responsible—there would be page one screaming headlines, demands for investigations, etc.

Debbie Schlussel has another story about journalists being abused by Palestinians, but this is no accident.
In 20 years in journalism, Majdi Arabeed says, his only weapon was his mouth. "Now I have a gun," he says, reaching behind his chair and dropping an AK-47 rifle on his desk.

[DS: Note he never needed a weapon when the Israelis were in control and allowed him to engage in his "journalism."]

Arabeed, owner and editor of the Gaza radio station al-Hurriya, says he has received phone and e-mail death threats from people claiming to be from Hamas, the militant group that now controls the Palestinian government. He suspended the station's news broadcasts in May, armed himself and hired two bulky bodyguards. News broadcasts have resumed on a limited basis, but Arabeed remains wary. . . .

Intimidation tactics

Arabeed and other Palestinian journalists say Hamas is trying to control news coverage.

Intimidation tactics compelled some media outlets, such as al-Hurriya, to suspend news coverage. Frightened columnists put down their pens. Hazem Abu Shanab, a communications lecturer at Gaza's Al Azhar University, stopped writing his column for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida and other newspapers.

Those tactics include:

* Death threats to journalists or outlets perceived as biased against Hamas, according to Arabeed and Reporters Without Borders, an advocacy group for journalists.

* Raids on radio and TV stations, including the sacking of Palestine TV's bureau in the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis by gunmen claiming to be from Hamas.

* Sharp public criticism from Hamas officials.
I see a pattern developing.

No, not that pattern. Palestinian violence and intimidation to get their way is old news. But when it comes to reporting this violence, where is the MSM? Where is Eason Jordan?

Oh yeah. He resigned in disgrace after falsly accusing American soldiers of doing what Palestinian terrorists are really doing.

As already mentioned, had these journalists been harmed or theatened by Israel or the United States, someone would have followed in Eason Jordan's footsteps, and we'd have investigations and condemnations coming out of our ears. Are there any MSM news sources that really speak truth to power and will cover these stories condemning those who need to be condemned?

You already know the answer to that. Otherwise, you wouldn't be prowling the blogosphere.

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